“it will take decades to rump up the electric system”
“we are not going to have electric 747”
“can modern democracies operate without economic growth ?”

“if the motorists fill up the tank, we drain the finished gasoline system”
“it takes 5 to 7 days before the shelves are practically empty”
“do you think the financial system could have melted down ?”

“suburbia is the greatest miss-allocation of resources in world history”
“peaking means you no longer grow”
“we created a generation of nintendo geologists”

“let’s create another bubble”
“congress wanted an excuse to bail out the auto industry”
“the solution is the problem”

“humans in under-developed countries are starving”
“those in developed countries are eating (without their knowledge) genetically modified food”
“there is plenty of evidence that we have overshot ourselves”


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