Russian Scientists Excluded From Presenting Important Research As NASA Goddard Director Tries To Discredit Observational Scientific Research

Russian Scientists Excluded From Presenting Important Research As NASA Goddard Director Tries To Discredit Observational Scientific Research


“To date, we are the only scientists to have long-term observational data on methane in the ESAS. Despite peculiarities in regulation that limit access of foreign scientists to the Russian Exclusive Economic Zone, where the ESAS is located, over the years we have welcomed scientists from Sweden, the USA, The Netherlands, the UK, and other countries to work alongside us. A large international expedition performed in 2008 (ISSS-2008) was recognized as the best biogeochemical study of the IPY (2007-2008). The knowledge and experience we accumulated throughout these years of work laid the basis for an extensive Russian-Swedish expedition onboard I/B ODEN (SWERUS-3) that allowed > 80 scientists from all over the world to collect more data from this unique area. The expedition was successfully concluded just a few days ago.”

This is not helpful at all, to persuade the international community that american scientific research is not corrupted by wall street political, economic and religious agendas (and oil lobby and monsanto come to mind.)


In Italian Forests, Where The “Bread Of The Poor” Grows

In Italian Forests, Where The “Bread Of The Poor” Grows


“Chestnuts as a way of life Chestnut trees have had a significant presence in Italy for thousands of years. The trees originally came from China to Turkey, and then evolved as the Castanea Sativa — known commonly as the sweet chestnut — which spread throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. The ancient Romans adored them, and Quintus Gargilius Martialis, Virgil and Pliny all mentioned the nut in some way. The chestnut boom actually coincided with the decline of feudal civilization”

Perrenials offer as usual a solution, monsanto, churches, wall street, offer as usual the solution of nazi filthy inquisitions of christian motherfuckers pigs, that comes back at every crisis of humanity, it should now be evident ‘by the facts’ that genocides and nazisms, are subproducts of the usury capitalistic cristian merde, the sub-culture of the psychopath mafia of predatory godly pigs, christian filth, center, at the vatican rogue pedophile genocide mafia central.

OTOH, if we look at today christian insane usury mafioso america GOP and neocons nazi values, (christianity holy vampirism, and usury leeching theft ponzi racket,) we can see a pattern, overlapping the events with the fall of the roman empire, ‘unsustainable’ is a fact of science, there is no pig god, or mafioso christian clergy, no godly empty brained bimbo, or no corrupted economic idiot scribe on newpapers, which can solve with good intentions or intentional religion-crap deception and lies, the outcome from leadership of empty brain architects, there is no inbred racket of ignorant giant ego usury and predation bastards parasite leeches, even (and expecially if) trained in economic quackery non-science and non-art mafioso cabal, no austrian charlatains, no octopus dei psychopath, which can solve with the ‘capitalist’ ‘godly’ quackery cabal alone, asides of robbing the planet and the american people, murdering the planet and the american people, ‘divesting’ it in al capone style.

What the funding fathers feared, the ‘tirrany of majority’ of the chicken brains filled of godly shit, has happened, the over-breeding of the religious eversive filth and the inbred parasite leeching, has overrided all checks and balances, and established the tiranny of majority of the mafias of god and usury, which are cannibalizing the world and their socieities, to re-establish slavery in america, in behalf of the richest capitalist of the world, the popes of the pedophile genocide vatican rogue mafioso terrorist state their puppet master, catholic/christian mafia racket which own the federal reserve.

Get yourself a new canoe, stay ready for the sinking of the christo-merde usuro-vampiric leeches ameritanic, ‘collapse.’

Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State


“Let it also be recognized that as a proven international criminal body engaged in human trafficking, money laundering and child torture, the Roman Catholic Church constitutes an International Criminal Organization that is waging war against humanity, its children, and its laws.”

Good luck, in italy nobody even knows that the vatican is a terrorist rogue racket criminal state, because, under the italian law, produced under the piece of shit of the providence, mussolini (benito,) who sold for politican ambitions, italy and it’s people, to the chief of the pedophile, genocide, usury predation catolic mafia state and money recycling bank of god (they say,) satan in person, the pope, is ‘protected’ by a the corrupted law meant to produce suppression of freedom of speech, in order to hide the rogue genocide paedophile predatory mafioso state of the vatican crimes against humanity:

genocide in nazi germany (vatican, reichskonkordat)

protection of genocide wanted nazis with the rat lines

genocide in croatia (vatican, franciscans)

genocide in canada (vatican, orphanages)

genocide in chile (opus dei)

genocide in argentina (opus dei)

genocide in rwanda

banking recycling mafia moneys and global scale tax evasion

human trafficking and exploitation on planetary scale of clergy paedophilia

and many others, in their religious mafia 2000 years of crimes against humanity

It may never be raised the doubt (almost certainty) that the italian government and state, public sector, may most likely be completely corrupted and infiltrated by members of the ‘mafia of god,’ also known as opus dei or nickname ‘octopus dei,’ for which the italian justice system has ‘forever’ refused to investigate, (even if the charges resulting from being members of such an organization, given the history of subversion, eversion, and crimes against humanity, would reasonably amount to ‘treason.’)

The prospect of evidence of facts emerging and proving italy under the godly mafia control, looks very grim, for the image of the country in the world, while the christian italian mafia tries with all means to close the state archives, to destroy the evidence of their collusion with the vatican mafia, the proves of their crimes are already all over the planet, it won’t sort the result they hope, they are finished, whether they want to accept it or not, they are one of the main targets of the next world war.

One day italy will be nuked by some good soul doing the work of the real ‘god,’ the grand gardener of the universe, not the quackery god of catholics, the pedophile genocide god of the satanic vatican, which seems more to be the prince of hell work, as humorously mentioned by dowstoyewski, and with so the vatican and some part of italy will disappear from the face of the planet, while some italien, may never know of ‘why.’

Now is the time for the international community to inform kindly or to notify more roughly the paedophile genocide mafioso state of the vatican, to withdraw their mafia boss clergy members from political and public presence and positions, together with any claim over sovereign nations such as germany, italy, and any other, in order not to require a war to vaporize such rogue state mafia racket of filth, paedophiles, genocide, mobsters, the catholic church is an insult to human dignity, the same for paedophile genocide mafioso state of the vatican, from the face of the planet.

Fractional ownership and allocation, one of the key measures, towards thermodinamic efficiency.

Fractional ownership


“Fractional ownership simply means the division of any asset into portions or shares. If the “asset” is a property, the title or deed can be legally divided into shares. In certain instances this is done by creating a “mezzanine structure”, i.e., creating a company which owns the property then allowing multiple owners or investors to own shares in the company. Those shares can then be purchased and owned by more than one individual. The reasons for a “mezzanine structure” can vary. Two common reasons are to allow transfer of shares without the need to reflect changes on the title or deed to the property, and for tax benefits.”

The above, the business explanation, ‘however’ there is also a scientific reason, mainly related to thermodynamic efficiency, for such fractioning (in horizontal time share, the fractioning in vertical time share is the common lease/leasehold.)

Fractional ownership solves one of the classic quackery polemics among the two religions of parasites, the one of public ownership, of marxist dogma, and the one of private greed, of christianity mafia dogma, also deceived as economics quackery in many cases, such in the case of the austrian economic quackery school of efficient idiots.

Nobody in his right mind would buy a 747, to go to vacations once a year, but all the morons of the failed economics religion, at 10% physics efficiency, bury themselves and their societies, in 30 years life cycle, cardboard mc mansions boxes and have in their driveway a collection of useless 3 tons gas guzzlers (think for a minute, move 3 tons of steel, to shuttle around a 100 lbs idiot, maybe an hour every other week, geniouses, economists.)

The above the consequential byproduct of the genious of sumerian illiterate cave men means of trade, rigged money and usury, and exclusive accumulation hoarding, the one that brought you an economy of quackery ‘monetary efficiency’ completelly inefficient, that transforms 90% of wealth into garbage to produce a miserable 10% of pure junk, at the highest obsolescence speed since humans appeared on the planet (we are now at an average life cycle of six months, all geniouses.)

Fractional allocation, call it as you wish, lease, timeshare, fractional ownership, whatever, gets the same work done maybe with 5% of resources and hardly no waste, and when associated with virtual enterprise and governance, and logistic distribution, can afford a society, a much higher living standard than the current primitive inbred banking religious idiotic ‘totally inefficient’ social organization idiocy based on 10,000 year old religius idiocy moralities, and 5,000 year old usury hoarding illiterate stone men monetary quackery skims.

A good first approach could unify all governments transport systems with all production transport systems, in one logistic transport agency per county, where networks optimization algorythms would guarantee the correct routing of all movements (of persons and stores,) possibly integrated and under the control of the main actors of logistic delivery (DHL, Fedex, UPS,) in so also re-organizing and retrofitting the zoo of public transport and state and county vehicles, often used in an uneconomic manner.

Another good approach would be the organization of energy efficient, long life cycle community resorts, whereas the integration of sustainability, energy efficiency, energy and gardening self sustainment/production, small surface of living space, modularity (for reduced value at risk and increased scale production economy,) and logistic allocation supply, could at the same time reduce the costs of refueling/supplying and provide a less energy intensive and costly overhead.

A third good approach could be moving any and all administration jobs on telecommuting, on the networks, and moving most of professional services to logistic home/street visiting services, here also where networks optimization algorythms would guarantee the correct routing of all resources based on the actual needs.

Now is up to the people to understand that science has answers, while religious quackery, political quackery, economic quackery, banking usury quackery, have none, being just a bunch of self-referent conflict of interest parasites, ignorant crooks, people that needs to be kindly set aside or wiped out with bullets, in order to move on from their parasite racket of self-referent quackery, into the next level of civilization.

Feedback Dynamics, Sensitivity and Runaway Conditions in the Global Climate System

Feedback Dynamics, Sensitivity and Runaway Conditions in the Global Climate System

(from club of rome)

“The first question concerns the amount by which the feedback processes of the global climate system amplify the effects of the anthropogenic contribution to climate change, The second question addresses the dilemma of the possible existance of a critical threshold, or tipping point, in the global climate system beyond which climate change might be precipitated into a period of self-amplification, or runaway behaviour.”

Read more here, get the pdf, or watch the video conference, at this point the materials are about a year and half ahead of the UN recent statements, based on the 2011 picture, and the situation has worsened.

As you may have read of the change of direction of bloomberg, right after sandy, and the recent change of direction of the rockefeller, more happened with the recent de-funding of google and yahoo to conservative think tank of warming denial lobbies, this time, it looks quite difficult the global deniers lies, (as per the case of the pedophile vatican,) may get ahead of all the world culture, well expressed by the statements of the UN (in both cases.)

As well espressed in the paper: ‘It will require a radical revision of the strategic approach to the mitigation of climate change. It lays the foundation for a new assessment of non-linearity and the relationship between feedback dynamics and sensitivity. It also enables exploration of the critical threshold between equilibriating and runaway behaviour in the global climate system.’

Nevertheless, we are still delusional, because the delusion leveraged over all the ignorants on the planet, namelly religions and economics religion schools, such as the discredited austrians:

Alabama state officials: We won’t comply with the EPA because God gave us coal

They’ll change therir mind when hit by a sandy or a katrina, just a matter of time.

We are deluding ourselves: The apocalypse is coming — and technology can’t save us

Those as well, HOT minds, of hype, technology and optimysm, are due to verify, improving their canooing skills, where the problem is.

Naomi Klein on climate failure: “It’s not that we’ve done nothing. We’ve done the wrong things

And here we get to the failure of the economic system at 10% of thermodynamic efficiency, ‘monetary efficiency’ is not only a fraud, but suicidal, the only ‘reasonable’ way of fixing this idiotic economic system, is using energy as currency, wiping out all their accounting tricks generating positive feedback loops, which will result on making economic eternal life cycle (versus todays six months ‘monetary efficiency quackery’ life cycle.)

However, such step won’t be sufficient, until the racket of ‘unlimited procreation’ of ‘the population bomb’ produced by ‘not negotiable’ religious quackery, is not kicked out of any decisional power on the planet, this is probably the difficult part, requiring either a scientific solution to repair faulty religiously oriented brains circuits, or a scientific solution to sterilize all earthlings, switching to in-vitro reproduction, or a use of plausible denial redirection of forces of nature, to cool down the planet in a controlled stress test.

Likelly, the monetary fraud establishment, and the religius pedophile genocide racket, are more interested in a holy war or holy genocide, to suppress all dissent, however, with the reproduction rate of the religius rats, such direction would only result in loss of knowledge (their knowledge is useless,) followed by extinction in a couple of decades or less, so in absence of credible stop to unlimited reproduction and in-efficient monetary/usury ponzi economics, TINA, there is no alternative to activating the freezers, and cooling down the planet, or committing collective suicide.

Italy’s Economy: Rising Bankruptcies And Suicide Rates As Recession Drags On

Italy’s Economy: Rising Bankruptcies And Suicide Rates As Recession Drags On


“A recent human-rights report found that financially related suicides increased by 40 percent in the first three months of the year, compared with the same period in 2012 … 6,500 Italian companies closed down operations and went bankrupt in the first half of this year, a 5.9 percent rise from the year-ago period … labor costs have been on the rise and companies have been finding it increasingly difficult to secure a bank loan. Not to mention the fact that Italy has the second-highest interest rates in the European Union”

Well, people abroad may be surprised by the strange numbers coming out from the italian economy, but italian insiders (or former insiders, this story has gone on so long, that at the least three generation have a ‘clear picture,’) are absolutely not surprised of this outcome.

Here is how the story went:

1) The treasonous state of the vatican, after losing large sides of the territory of the pope satan king, at the times of reunification of italy, started investing heavily into usury banking predation, in so it can not even be excluded that jeckyll island may be a project of the ‘architects’ of the satanic vatican state, given historical connections with the sabotage sinking of the titanic, possibly with the hidden purpose of eliminating the astor family, opposers of the project of the central bank in america, mainly controlled by puppets, name place holders for the satanic popes (morgan, that financed the vatican revolution in mexico, bank of america, where clearly the gianninis were just name holders of the satanic popes, maybe even today godman sucks in a battle for god, many others, one, standard oil IG farben that brought you aushwitz, and the attempted nazi coup of 1931 in america, without even getting to the banker of hitler family.)

2) Such nazi banking cartel of wall street, is the one that brought hitler to power, in behalf of the satanic popes puppetmasters (let’s not forget that the SS were designed around the gesuits order, probably under input of the same satanic pope,) while at the same time, with corruption of a number of pigs that accepted the shit of the genocide pedophile vatican rogue apostasy, fascism itself, born as a socialist, atheist, and even masonic in some regards, popular movement, was hijacked by the popes satan into a dictatorship of church pigs and directed into a partnership with good catholic hitler into a disaster holy war of genocide, ‘conversion’ and physical suppression of all non kiss-ass of catholic-christian filth, best of the model that ‘confirms,’ the satanic vatican pedophiles state, genocide in croatia (180,000 victims of the shit-religion of the shit satanic popes, ‘even the nazi were disgusted,’ all said.)

3) And all this explains the reichskonkordat and the lateranian pacts and evolutions, (still in force, nazi agreements,) which ‘enslave perpetually’ germany and italy to be robbed legally forever, by the parasite filthy pedophiles genocide criminal rogue shit-state of the shit-vatican satanic apostate pigs.

In the mean time, nuerberg was just a farce, most of nazis were ‘saved’ by the vatican shit fake-religion satanist mafia racket, rat lines, and their ‘christian shit’ buddies in the US, about 10,000 genocides wanted for crimes against humanity and genocide, to be exact, got by the nazi-christian mafia of washington DC new names and new lifes, riproduced, and created today ‘under gott’ christian-nazi driven america, while at the same time a number of nazi families infiltrated the government, (see GOP nazi agenda,) and made a joke of the US constitution, walking over left and right the separation of power, and the separation of (filthy, genocide) church and state, with the constitution now ‘interpreted’ by a corrupted cabal at the service of catholic and christian nazi criminal leadership. In so, make a note, the US is the next victim of the pedophile genocide satanic papate.

4) With the strings of the lateranian pacts, and the ‘historic compromise’ of the vatican apostasy, with the marxists, pretty much today italy is a dictatorship of the pedophile catolicism racket of genocide mafia quackery.

That explains why 44% of economic activity in italy is controlled by a corrupted cato-marxist public sector, robbing the country under the table, to sponsor the vatican apostasy pedophile genocide mafia agenda. In so, the ‘catholic party’ is the ‘only party’ in italy, no law can be passed without their vote, all laws passed provide exclusive benefits to pedophile genocide mafioso catholicism, parties, just a joke, all take orders from the mafia of god octopus dei, a secret criminal international cartel, at the service of satan popes. (IOW, dictatorship of majority, eliminating, physically, all others, with all means.)

5) The majority of pedophile genocide catholics, is the one that describes itself as ‘merit able’ and ‘not negotiable’ (heard it before, from the grandson of hitler banker ?, NWO anybody ?,) and with the control of a corrupted banking system, corrupted politics and syndacate unions, corrupted education, and corrupted media, is destroying free enterprise, with the final hidden intent of ‘installing’ in italy a dictatorship of the papate (such as ante pavelic, pinochet, videla, and other genocides, also members of the mafia of god, octopus dei,) with the hidden purpose of racial and religious cleansing and another genocide.

Just like the good catholic boy adolph, under the satan pope, robbed the non-christian non-catholic conspiracy members in nazi germany, before sending them all to extermination camps, the italian puppet government of the pope satan, is destroying the free enterprise in italy, with the hidden purpose of eliminating all these people with the usual methods, and pursue it’s ‘new world order’ project of extermination of all non-catholics non-christians, IOW, the caliphate of christianity shit (explains NWO FEMA extermination camps in the US ?.)

So don’t be surprised, italy is the next croatia of ante pavelic, they ‘pretend’ to do something, but the outcome (unless some may cancel the vatican from the face of the planet) is already known.

Bankruptcies wreaking havoc on more Italian companies: Report

Only Hope For Italy is Bankruptcy

Or bombing the vatican, execute the clergy and their political, public, economic, banking, education, press friends, and flatten down all churches with bulldozers, give them back what their investment money gave the tzars, the world won’t miss those christian catholic paedophile robbers mafioso pigs parasites.

La ricchezza ha vinto: l’uguaglianza è morta

Well, there is an old say: ‘the ones who sacrifice freedom for security, don’t deserve neither,’ and the catholic racket that sacrificed ‘our’ freedom for their ‘plan’ of stupid religion pedophile genocide egemony, their ‘perverted’ ‘mafioso’ pseudo-morals of imbeciles, do not deserve our consideration, at the least as long as the shit-state of the vatican exists.

Religion and equality can not coexist, because equality is beyond good and evil, if you maintain the assumption of good and evil, you don’t have already equality, and if you mantain the assumption of good and evil quackery, you don’t have fraternity either, the good of one is the evil of another and vice versa.

The method of re-establishing fraternity, is to enforce rules of separation of powers, the religion corruption of authority, makes such attempt vane, unless the state prohibits by law participation of believers in religion quackeries, into the political process, ‘and’ into the resources allocation process. For instance, with a rule that a religion is ‘not’ a religion but instead is a ‘racket,’ (which in facts are, types of mafias,) if it owns any property, or if any of their members speak of political issues.

Such move takes ‘nothing’ from freedom of religion, they are ‘free’ to assemble in public spaces, and talk ‘between themselves’ of whatever they want, as long as we don’t have to hear those filthy pigs propaganda of brainwashing, our freedom would not be affected, and neither the governments freedom to implement equality and justice, without interference from the part of the mafia rackets of religious filth.

Victims found in mass graves in Ukraine lack internal organs

Victims found in mass graves in Ukraine lack internal organs


“On the outskirts of Donetsk, militia fighters discovered new mass graves of civilians … Noteworthy, the Facebook account of Yulia Tymoshenko’s former lawyer, Sergei Vlasenko, was hacked in July. His correspondence with German doctor Olga Wieber and commander of “Donbass” battalion of the National Guard, Semyon Semyonchenko, was exposed to the general public. In the correspondence, the sides discussed organ trafficking. … Thus, in one of the messages, Wieber wrote in detail, which organs were needed: “17 hearts, 50 kidneys, new livers – 35 pieces, 30 pancreases and 5 lungs.” Vlasenko responded with a promise to deliver all the organs. Vlasenko also wrote that Semenchenko should collect organs appropriately, not to deliver “bad quality” organs again. … The EU Nazis in collaboration whit their underdog albanians and the ZOG Washington did this to the Serbs, kidnapped them and then took then to a remote location in the Albaniaan mountains, where ghey murdered them and took their organs, which where then distributed to various countries in the nazi union. Google Yellow House Albania.”

There the nazis in ukraine, friends of the good christian nazis of the GOP, and the nazi evil popes of the vatican rogue satanic genocide state, back at their usual gigs.

And the american taxpayer finances with tax exemption christian and catholic genocide churches, and the nazi-christian genocide regime of kiev, hallelujah.

The Jews Of Iran, Quietly Defying All That’s Wrong In The Middle East

The Jews Of Iran, Quietly Defying All That’s Wrong In The Middle East


“After the 1979 revolution, Iran committed itself to protecting Judaism, but now the Iranian state sees only the Palestinian conflict. Friday prayer sermons in Tehran often end with the chorus “Margh bar Israel” — meaning “death to Israel.” The Jewish state reciprocates, with many Israeli newspapers often devoting lengthy analysis guessing when their leaders will bomb Iranian nuclear power stations. Even some U.S. newspaper investigations have concluded that the director of Mossad was probably behind the death of some Iranian nuclear scientists. “

Well, the problem as usual is unwillingness to compromise, issue typical of religions, and the fact that israel is becoming less and less atheist and more and more religiously fanatic, does not help, and the problem that Iran is seeking obsolete type of nuclear power with dual use does not help.

The unwillingness to create a palestinian state, which is motivated mostly by banking and religious monetary interests, is going to hurt Israel in the long range, as the myopic choice of Iran of chosing ‘old’ dual use nuclear technology is going to hurt iran and make it a target.

Now anyone reasonable ‘today,’ would not want to create in his home one of the potential 500 time bombs, all due to end like fukushima and chernobil, all due to be underwater at some point, a faulty pressurized water cooled nuclear plants design at sea level, conceived in the middle of the cold war, exclusivelly with the purpose of building nuclear bombs.

There are enough bombs on the planet, to destroy it 10,000 times, at some point, where we are directed with the ‘procreation and population bomb’ entire regions will disappear, if any fool may ever start a total war, and the way that would assure the international community of the good faith of Iran, today, would be, instead than building obsolete dual use nuclear, and creating a nuclear escalation in the region, could be as said, chosing ‘modern’ nuclear, thorium molten salts, that can not end like fukushima and chernobyl.

Thorium is not going to run out as uranium in the next decades, and most of all, is of no use to build bombs, but as advantage is at zero cost (actually they are paying the buyers to take it,) and with a thousand years of supply, this choice would really solve Iran energy problem, and peak oil problem, besides being a trading tool to help negotiate a palestinian state.

Could be a ‘reasonable’ solution, for the region, but the problem remains that too many benefit from war, and nobody knows if it would ever happen, however, a palestinian state and thorium reactors, would solve a good portion of the whole issue of coexistance, possibly together with a four way split of iraq, whereas each group has it’s own country, but again, the banking, religious, and petroleum world are the main opponents.

Rupert Murdoch doesn’t understand climate change basics, and that’s a problem

Rupert Murdoch doesn’t understand climate change basics, and that’s a problem


“The man whose media empire is the main source of global warming misinformation displays an awful misunderstanding of climate science in a Sky News interview … Inaccurate media coverage is in turn the primary reason why the public is so misinformed about global warming … the scenario of 1°C human-caused warming that Rupert Murdoch has called “the most alarmist” is in reality the best case scenario … the collapse of the Western Antarctic ice sheet is already underway and is unstoppable … our actions will dictate whether sea level rise will be measured in terms of inches or meters, with the difference in costs potentially being in the tens of billions of dollars or more per year … heat waves, droughts, floods, stronger hurricanes, associated impacts on agricultural productivity, a resulting increase in violent conflicts”

Well, they know better, but are just lying openly, because they fear that panic could take down their financial empires of cards. The vatican, architect of the ‘population bomb’ of unlimited procreation, is their client (and maybe stock investments partner,) the political area of murdoch, the neocons, is clearly connected with the monopolies of coal and petroleum, besides western psychopath usury religions, failed austrian deflationary economics, and quackery neocons media and dis-education.

To an observer with some critical skills, the name ‘Milanković’ should bring to mind that after a certain period of ‘gradual’ raise of waters, downage from the last severe glaciations, there is somewhere a tipping point in temperature, that creates a positive feedback loop, ‘up’ then crash, then ‘down,’ to make him a parallel he may understand well, in business, at a journalist asking him ‘how did he go bankrupt,’ hemingway answered: ‘slowly, then suddenly.’

The frog water may be raised one degree at the time, but when it reaches a certain thereshold related to pressure, the linearity of behavior disappears, and turbolence and exponentiality emerge, and a bit later, instead than a boiled frog, you have a burned pan and the dehydratated mummy of a frog, except that the pan is a planet such as mars, and the frogs, we may have not yet found the remains of, if there was ever a frog there.

Similarly, the ice melting a bit at the time raises of inches, but when a giant iceberg the size of qeensland detaches, within two years at the most, not only raises the waters (of meters,) but also changes the speed and the route of the conveyor belt, with somehow unpredictable, but somehow predictable really large changes of climate in the northern emisphere, (such as europe and half north america under ice,) he may want to ask his folks in australia, what they expect in the southern emisphere.

Greenland has always been used as a barometer of glaciation ages, and it is now clear that giant tunnels have been forming under the ice pack, and whenever those may collapse, those will also contribute to a raise of waters. The melting of the permafrost at high latitudes, is releasing methane, which for the purpose of greenhouse effects, is maybe ten times more damaging than CO2, wise reasoning would be at this point directed towards solutions to cool the planet, instead than keep warming it.

There is a doubt that humans may be able to change Milanković cycles, ‘however,’ if we as humans may decide to ‘trigger’ such effects ‘ahead’ of nature, counterciclically (at the opposite of what we are doing today with global warming,) chances are that we could as well ‘reduce’ the damages already made, or if not, at the least compensate for the damages made.

The only wrong option is to do nothing as usual, because the neocons and the churches have conflict of interest in their political, religious, and banking usury quackery.

Female pilot in Isis mission ‘boobs on the ground’, says Fox News presenter – video

Female pilot in Isis mission ‘boobs on the ground’, says Fox News presenter – video


“Fox News presenters crack a series of sexist jokes about the UAE’s first female fighter pilot. Major Mariam al-Mansouri, 35, is one of four UAE fighter pilots to take part in this week’s airstrikes on Isis targets in Syria. One presenter asks if her presence in Syria would be considered ‘boobs on the ground’, while another jokes about her parking the aircraft”

We are proud to announce to the planet, that the US neocons circus, is a collection of morons.

OTOH, the other morons that fit the same scenario, the vatican, just hired fox news as consultants, guess they both have an overlapping xenophobic, homophobic, misogynous, and racist agenda there, your hard earned dollars sponsoring the tax exemption of the christian neocons delirium.

Conservative school board revolution: Column

Conservative school board revolution: Column


“Conservative school board officials are quietly trying to rewrite history and social studies curriculum, erasing parts of history they don’t like and simply making up history they wish was true. … history curriculum that appears aimed at replacing education with old-fashioned, Soviet-style propaganda, except in this case in the support of capitalism and American conservatism, instead of communism. … textbooks that publishers wrote specifically to meet the state’s new social studies standards, which were written by a conservative state school board. What the review showed was that the books were not only slanted to the right, they were full of misinformation, some of it downright comical. … The intention of this Moses obsession is clear: To indoctrinate students into the idea that America is a Judeo-Christian nation based on the Bible. … comparing the Ten Commandments to the big ten of the American founding, the Bill of Rights. The First Commandment reads, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” The First Amendment, in contrast, reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” They’re not just different. They’re opposites. Moses commanded his followers to believe in God, but the Founders told their people to believe whatever they want. The misinformation in these books is a joke.”

Maybe hitler did not live that long, but is clear from history that prescot bush was fritz tyssen banker, and that thyssen was nazi germany and hitler, and the satan genocide pope pius the XII was the boss of all.

That explains why the GOP christian-nazi party at the service of the genocide popes of the vatican pedophiles state (which owns a good share of wall street,) and wall street christian mafia and world catholic nazi mafia, continue the nazi policy around the world, with the treason of the constitution and the american people.

The rest is all NWO plan, including FEMA extermination camps, be ready to be slaves of the nazis, people of america, they are imposing the shitchristian dictatorship of pedophile genocide christian pigs to everybody, what do they care of the constitution ? they walk all over it and the corrupted supreme court in their pockets, does absolutelly nothing to stop the pigs of god conspiracy takeover.

Explains the ‘mafia’ religion of idiocies, of the discredited quackery school of austrian economics ? Then revision is the ‘usual’ way ignorant psychopath christian pieces of shit and catholic pieces of shit, revision history, to brainwash people with their idiocies of mafia rackets, christianity and catholicism, just mafia, al capone an hobbyist compared to the shitty preachers and priests.

Those folks at the GOP and shit-christian shit-catholic mafias are not even ‘conservative,’ conserve means preserving, they preserve nothing besides their parasite racket, they have turned the planet into a giant garbage pit, conserve ? yah, my donkey, those idiots are nothing but just historical psychopath genocide thieves and pigs, god is their excuse to steal and to kill, and are just all kiss-asses of their buddies, genocide popes of the criminal state of the vatican.

Air Force Restores ‘God’ to Enlistment Oath

Air Force Restores ‘God’ to Enlistment Oath


“”Reciting ‘So help me God’ in the reenlistment and commissioning oaths is a statutory requirement under Title 10 U.S.C. §502,” Rose Richeson told on Thursday. Air Force Instruction on the oath is consistent with the language mandated in the law, she said. “Airmen are no longer authorized to omit the words ‘So help me God’,” Richeson said.”

LOL, is official, new world order holy america, the one brought to you by the christian criminal racket of forgiven crimes mafia filth, pedophile christianity, genocide vatican, and the conspiracy of the administration of the grandson of hitler banker, is in a holy war, a holy cruisade against the infidels, under the direction and benediction of the pope of genocides and pedophiles, mafioso and predatory usury bankers, the tip of the nazi pyramids of filthy christianity, and nazism, half pyramid each, hallelujah.

OTOH this can give you an idea over who may be assassinated in the FEMA extermination camps, managed by the air force, during the holy cruisade of the christian godly filth, the racket of the god pig of nazi christos.

Atheism and civil life, have never sounded more appealing, let them fight their holy wars, the american ally is going insane, we are at one minute before twelve, evidently they all want to go to heaven, with Camus collective suicide, hallelujah.

Ukraine’s nuclear status resumption bill must be kept in focus – military experts

Ukraine’s nuclear status resumption bill must be kept in focus – military experts


“Ukraine does have the intellectual potential for creating nuclear weapons and Kiev can obtain a ‘nuclear stick’, if need be. But there is no money for such a program in Ukraine’s budget at the moment, and the United States will not let Ukraine walk out of the NPT treaty, which Moscow and Washington had so enthusiastically supported and welcomed,” Zolotaryov said”

Hopefully, a christian nazi country like ukraine, a country with an habit to lie to the international community, see case of the civilian flight shot down in 2001, (and even the more recent one, still a question mark,) is a danger for the whole planet.

It is better to give a bit of slack to the russians, let them get back their corridor to crimea, just in case ukraine goes mad (if it has not already gone mad.)

US Ebola missionary saved by ‘advanced experimental prayer’ (humor)

US Ebola missionary saved by ‘advanced experimental prayer’


“The prayer, which had been in development for over five years, has never before been tested on humans, but prayers given for laboratory monkeys deliberately infected with Ebola had previously shown promising results. … Bradley’s organisation Samaritan’s Purse claim the prayer still needs more research before being cleared for wider use, as at the moment it only appears to work for white people in possession of incredible new anti-Ebola drugs.”


Seventeen More Confirmed Cases: 50 Fukushima Children with Thyroid Cancer

Seventeen More Confirmed Cases: 50 Fukushima Children with Thyroid Cancer


“Of the total number of 89 confirmed and suspected cases, excluding one case which turned out to be a benign nodule, 50 are confirmed thyroid cancer cases and 39 have cytological biopsy results suspicious of cancer. As of February 7th, 2014, there were 33 confirmed and 41 suspected cases of thyroid cancer: 17 of 41 suspected cases were confirmed with surgery, while 15 more cases had cytological biopsy results suspicious of cancer as the secondary examination progressed. (1,598 of 2,070 eligible completed the secondary examination as of March 31, 2014. This means there is a potential for more cancer cases diagnosed for the initial round of thyroid examination.”

Yes, ‘there is no global warming,’ and ‘there are no problem with water cooled pressurized reactors at sea level.’

Fucking idiots, them and the corrupted politicians accomplices that have not been rounded all up and locked up, throwing away the keys.