… and lies, and more damn lies:

We have only heard lies since the time we could understand them, “and” we have only experienced persecution and abuse, our whole life, every single change during our life has been for the worse, and has confirmed us being surrounded by generations of liars. That is what politics is, lying.

Here, let’s look at them:

Democracy is fair, yes sure. Democracy is the dictatorship of the idiots, manipulated by the corruption of the crooks. Beware the ones who speak of democracy, they want you be dominated by the empty brains of the ones that believe their fairy tales, of invisible hands and fantasy being in the skies that forgive sins, but only if you give their swine preachers and usury banksters “money,” there is no such thing as ‘democracy,’ it has never been, it never will, ‘democracy’ is the ‘politically correct term for ‘plutocracy,’ it means that instead than an autocrat, a king or a dictator, you have the domination of the ‘most corrupting’ lobbies, in our case the banking and the religious nazi mafias rackets.

Family values, yes sure, to perpetuate unlimited reproduction for the miserable, the baby slave factories of the religious and usury pigs, needed to kiss the ass and perpetuate the religious racket and the same crooks above, for their agenda of holy slavery, holy genocides, holy predation and holy wars, besides supporting all the chair warmers in the courts family system. Beware of the one that wants you to be married in their courts crooked system of manipulation, beware of the one that wants you to reproduce, the bitch has plans to murder your children in his holy wars and/or holy extermination camps.

Unlimited growth, yes sure, unlimited growth of the wallet of the crooks, holy or less holy. But is a zero sum game, “their” unlimited growth, comes from “your” misery. Beware of the ones who speak of unlimited growth in a ‘FINITE SYSTEM,’ it is scientifically non possible, is a fraud, just like the pig god in the skies that forgive sins to the christo mafia banking cabal hit men of the ‘invisible hands’ economic quackeries, the only unlimited growth in nature is time that makes you older and more vulnerable to the mafia of your governance crooks.

Merit of Education, yes sure, doctors that teach fairy tales of invisible hands and fantasy being in the skies that forgive sins, but only if you give their preachers, money, makes perfect sense, but if you want to be an accomplice of genocidal religions and economics, go ahead, they’ll tech you to be more effective than serial killers. Beware of the ones that preach that a society without usury is impossible, they want to dominate you, and eliminate you, “with plausible denial,” you are interfering with the income of their superior “caste,” swine godly blessed. Forget about standard degrees plans, study exclusively technical subjects, mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine, information, don’t let the regime brainwash you with garbage thinking, human “sciences,” are religions with no god, law ? a collection of brain challenged thinking stone age constructs for self perpetuation of jerks, economics ? pure garbage dogmatic thinking based on false premises, religion ? brain fuck logic, falsities, “non culture,” sewage .

Oil will never end, yes, true, but it will end the physical mean of retrieving it. Beware of the ones that preach that oil will never end, they are crooks like the religious and economics rackets. The lie is systemic, they are working to predate the 90% of the population, in order to enslave it. Later they will build extermination camps, just as they did before, they did already in america, to physically exterminate the population, they are all accomplices, the plan masters are the usury architects, banksters and religious swine. Beware of the ones that are in power, they are your enemies, the servants of the religious and banking swine, the ones who are planning your murder.

Nuclear energy is safe, yes, true, ‘but’ not the one built by your corrupted cabal of wall street mobsters, molten salt reactors running on thorium are safe, but unfortunately don’t make rich your Christian capitalist usury mafia racket in wall street, so you get the time bombs and they doctor you about their ‘merits,’ while you die of cancer from their accidents.

Religion is good, yes, for the birds. Religion has murdered more people in his history than any other form of cult. Religions are ‘plausible denial’ criminal rackets, some types of mafias or triads. Beware of the believer of institutionalized religion, it can only be one of two, an idiot or a crook.

The government works for you, yes, to make you more miserable, to enslave you, abuse you, try to kill you, destroy your health, rob you, and then dump you, hallelujah. The government works to make more fat the leeches of society, the usury masters, banksters, churches and economists. Beware of the ones that preach trust in your government, you don’t know why they are so worried, but “they” do.

Nazism and Bolshevism are bad, yes, but how come they were created with your businessmen support, and the families that created them are still the same that support your “good” swine godly government ?.  Beware of the ones that preach anti-ism towards the regimes “their” usury racket has created, “especially” if the crooks are related to economics, religion and banking, “and” the wealth of your nation behind them, is still the same people, the accomplices and the architects of the original genocides.

When you are older and sick, your pensions will help, yes will help “them,” your government crooks, social security is one of the biggest ponzi frauds in history, the governments pocket the money of deposits and spend it, then they find some money for the “friends” of their cristo banking mafio government racket to get whatever they want, golden pensions, false pensions, but if you are sick or helpless, you won’t get one, they keep changing excuses everyday, “is a racket.” It was honest when created, but is dishonest now, is a legalized robbery.

We will get help from our allies, partners, et cetera, yes, count on it, their cristo mafio banksters governments are of the same breed of racket of scumbags filth as yours, all words, no substance, “all lies.”

The invisible hand will save us. Killing you, there are two of them, the later the one of Nietzsche, “that mercifully kills,” is the real one, for the Adam Smith one read the next paragraph.

The invisible man in the skies, that forgives sins, will save us. Sure, Santa Klaus is on his way, along with the morons fairy, carrying free wealth for everybody, all you have to do is “believe” in quackery.

To the young I say, “don’t believe a word preached by any institution,” stay away from social filth institutions just made with the purpose of enslaving you, like the ‘marriage’ rackets, and “most of all” get sterilized, and do not reproduce, you won’t find this information on your corrupt media or you won’t be told by your corrupted governments, education and salesmen, but violent death is the most likely outcome for generations born after 1960.

Do not reproduce, you would be putting in this word the “slaves” of the mafio christo usury economy of the stone age, where we are surely directed, with children around, you won’t be able to defend yourself from massacres, in a lawless society of urban warfare, where your christo banking mafio pigs, are taking us all, to preserve their “not negotiable” shit faces.

Unless a miracle happens and somebody chops off the heads of all the intelligentsia of western nations,  highly improbable, for the adult working plan for your children, stick with slaves, no need to ask them what they want to do when they grow up, is already all “planned” by your christo mafia economic usury banking crooks, with thirst for blood and genocide, “as usual.”

Further, if you are still so dumb to reproduce, keep in mind that the offspring you are pumping out now believing the christo bastards, will most likely die of violent death before age thirty, “great job, Sherlock.”

And one more thing, “do not” believe any number you read advertised on your corrupted media, or by your corrupted governments and lobbies, or by your corrupted economists and religions, “do the math yourself,” and if you don’t know “how,” after watching “this,” have a “physicist” teach you how to compute “correctly” the numbers “your survival will be dependent upon.”


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