Well, we are all necessary in life, but none of us is indispensable, in so we should rightly be prepared to leave, whenever it is the case, with the utmost possible dignity, hopefully.

Some considerations however, should be made, for any of the posterity reading these pages, or ending out on this blog, at times where it may not be updated any longer, and thus this list, about what we have learned from life.

Religious people. Stay away from bigots (mainly monotheistic religions, out of which, for the sake of truth, the only respectful people I found are actually moderate Muslims, some Anglicans, few Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses.) Generally speaking, polytheist religions members are also respectful people, with no ‘complex of superiority,’ as well as scientific atheists, however the same can not be stated of the most of the judeo-christian cabal. Specifically Christians and Roman Catholics, are the worse jerks you may find on the planet. Their attitude of ‘sufficiency,’ their bigotry that externalizes in complete lack of respect of others, their ‘presumed’ self-granted ‘superiority,’ without even counting their sabotage oriented mafia-like structures, make them the filthiest people you can deal with in life. Right after the Christian jerks, in order of lousy fuck-heads, come communist-socialists, believers and atheists bigots the same, more or less equally arrogant idiots as the Christian sewage, also organized in mafia-like structures.

Superior people. Try to avoid them, change relations as necessary, another culture of idiots, byproducts of the slavery Christian predatory wall street Nazi-mafia indoctrination, the corrupted education for puppets servants designed by architects such as the Rockefeller and the Carnegie, suffer of the ‘not built here’ complex and of the superiority complex, never mind ‘facts of history’ prove them to be jerks every day, they won’t surrender their eugenic racism even in front of the evidence hitting them in the middle of their forehead, hallelujah.

Disciples of quackeries. Economists, first members of the category, which does not also exclude other pseudo-sciences, such as eugenics, criminal anthropology, sociology, and many others. Stop talking to them, economics is not a science, is a quackery like the religion dogma, only concerned about defrauding and predating on others. Any idiot can become an economist, and if you really need an economist, train an engineer or a physicist in economics, the opposite is impossible, because the economic quackery is actually a brain damaging exercise, which damages the brains of the ones trained in the dogma (just like religions,) and renders them non-sensitive to scientific evidence, and driven by illogical and correlation choices.

People motivated by greed. Somebody said that the ones who are not happy with very little, are never happy regardless. This category is affected by a brain damage pathology, they are generally the ones (among others such as the economists,) that perfectly match the Count Metternich description of the “efficient idiots,” category also known as the ‘usury masters,’ racket bosses of all the crime cartels in the planet.

Information prostitutes. The ones that sell uselessness and quackery to be servant of interests of puppet-masters of various nature, it includes all the brainless and spineless information specialists, such as career journalists, television anchors, and other preachers of the small screen pulpit, as the christian mafioso, the information prostitute deceives the people with falsities, in exchange of monetary compensation, the title ‘prostitute’ is not even merited, the hookers do a much better job than the information worms.

The Agenda of All of the Above filthy bastards. Based on ‘competitive reproduction’ periodically trough the faulty social system of ‘democracy’ (a nice name for the plutocracy of the Christos criminal rackets,) the faulty social method of ‘monetary usury,’ trough the ‘weapon of mass deception’ and ‘mass subversion’ of the cave-man like animal human (following the above rackets theories,) ‘the population bomb’ of the usury religious filth, periodically takes the chicken brains who believe them, back to the stone age, trough unlimited reproduction, unlimited depletion, and ‘collapse.’ The reason of why we learned nothing from millions years of history, is that at the contrary of what is believed in folklore, after each collapse, we are actually ‘devolving’ in the next cycle, because of the ‘over-fertility’ of the Christos pigs and similar idiots, and the ‘population bomb’ above, their weapon.

Until the day humans may be sterilized at birth and reproduce in vitro, and currency may be replaced by energy (with no usury,) no progress out of a cave man civilization may ever be possible.

Now, be well, I’ll add categories as we go, eventually, in the base of ‘merit’ (or more of lack thereof, of this human species of imbeciles,) sayonara.


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