“I was reminded by John Higdon’s recent article that 40 years ago we recognized family planning was an essential part of calculating our environmental “footprint.” Our goal was zero population growth. And it must be again if we want our offspring to survive. … Society must confront the Catholic Church to have any hope of a sustainable population in our hemisphere. Its prohibition of effective birth control is responsible for Latin America’s huge population. If the church were to revise this prohibition, it would do more to preserve human life than anything else. Maintaining the status quo would be a sin of planetary dimensions.” (Eleanore Wickersham, Columbia Daily Tribune, 2013)

Population control and negative population growth are the “scientific prerequisites” for “the survival of the human species,” now that we have reached “peak planetary capacity.” Unfortunately the Catholic Church and it’s puppet rogue state, the Vatican, have an “agenda of genocide” of the ones they perceive as “infidels” of their criminal dogma, whereas the pursue of unlimited population explosion is a “political mean” to justify “religious genocide,” as we have already seen historically “here,” and “here,” and “here,” and in so the Vatican must be seen as a rogue state supporting with its religious apostasy, a “cult of death in planetary scale,” finalized to planetary destruction, “collective suicide,” war, genocide and terrorism.

At this point such “not negotiable” “TREASON” can only be acknowledged as a “plausible denial action of non conventional warfare,” and as such it deserves and calls for, all the response applicable to jurisdiction of conflicts, in order to preserve “the constitutional mandates,” of each of the countries affected, which are practically “all the countries in the planet” where the Catholic Church foments “plausible denial sabotage” of states of law and human rights, trough nonsense dogma, and with alliances with other religious and extremist terrorism, in support of similar agendas of disruptive unlimited reproduction, meant to subvert states of law and install “theocratic autocracies of terror,” trough “sabotage of politics of population and reproduction control.”

Such myopic and satanic agenda exploiting ignorance and fanaticism, is causing planet-wide demographic explosions, at the base of the impending social and economic collapse, besides inspiring terror, unrest and violent crime, of intolerant and hateful nature, such as racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, rape culture, misogyny, eugenics, and last but not least, vendetta, libel, verbal, “criminal, and terrorist” assaults operated by the hands of their “sin forgiven criminals” towards the ones pointing at the rogue state of the Vatican crimes, it’s apostasy of a religion, and most of all it’s “not negotiable” “TREASON” against humanity, and it’s threat towards planetary stability, order, and survival.

It can be only hoped that “motu proprio” the Vatican and it’s puppet Catholic Church, may backpedal on their “not negotiable” “TREASON” absurdity, and recognize that birth control does not go against their “original” theology, but only against their latest 600 years or so of genocide and greed, power agenda of apostasy and evil. A good time for the whole absurdity in Rome to repent for the innocent blood they have spilled for millennia in their satanic perverted cult, since “there may not be a second chance,” before the end of the world “as we know it.”

“From giant blue marlin to mighty bluefin tuna, and from tropical groupers to Antarctic cod, industrial fishing has scoured the global ocean. There is no blue frontier left,” (Ransom Myers)

A University of Canada study shows that Big-Fish Stocks have fallen 90 Percent Since 1950, again the problem resides on the ultimate carrying capacity of the planet, and is caused by the unlimited reproduction/breeding agenda sponsored by the usury masters and the religious holy war psychotic, however, as long as incompetents such as politicians, economists and clergy are in power, and as long as false/rigged “monetary efficiency” runs the game, extinction is assured. We are at one minute before twelve, following the idiots, the end of the human species, is assured.

“Intensive crop culture for high population is unsustainable” (P. Salonious)

We have overshot earth carrying capacity a very long time ago, soils nutrients have been depleted for thousand of years, the population expansion following the industrial revolution is not sustainable, because based on exploitation of resources requiring million years for replacement. Practically all “honest” scientist agree on the possibility that the ultimate alimentary carrying capacity of the earth, may drastically drop to numbers varying from 1.8 billions to 100 millions, at the moment of collapse of net energy output, and there is no possible solution to this “inevitable” collapse, out of a strict “planetary” policy of “one child per family” and “mandatory universal sterilization” after reproduction. The alternative, possible “extinction” of the human species, the confirmation is visible in every other aspect of the system earth, and is here.

“The infrastructure of suburbia can be described as the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world.” (J.H. Kunstler)

No surprise, a further proof that “monetary efficiency” is “not efficient,” a “convenient dogma” that fits just the “agenda” of the banking usury income self-interest, and all the other parasites which get a cut out of the leeches umbilical cords. What else would you want as a proof ? Scientifically speaking, “one” empirical case, that can be reproduced million of times with the same result, invalidates the whole position of the economics dogma, IOW is a proof, here the black swans are all over the places now, they took over ;-).

“It’s virtually impossible to teach physical science to economists because it threatens their social status, but the inverse is not true. It’s easy to teach economic theory to physical scientists… Therefore, the first step should be to teach economic theory to scientists and engineers, so they can explain to the rich people who run this country why capitalism must be abandoned in favor of democracy.” (J. Hanson, 2012)

Here with all that I agree with Jay about the big picture, I’m not too thrilled by the way “democracy” has been performing in history, and I would be more inclined to affirm the principles of “checks and balances,” one of the cardinal points around which the US Constitution (and others,) are modeled, my modest opinion over the issue, would favor the establishment of a “fourth” power, a “verification power,” in the form of the highest “scientific” (in term of “hard sciences,” theology, palm reading and economics don’t qualify,) personalities in each nation, appointed on the base of planetary scientific community prestige, and with “exclusive” veto power over any legislation that constitutes “insanity” under scientific metrics.

“If and only if” capitalism was “not” based on discriminatory assumptions, such as modern money mechanics, “liberated” by the indecency of interest (AKA usury,) and based upon an “honest” currency, such as “energy,” with some structural modifications, such as the elimination of limited liability, the scientific control of reproduction related to a resource based model, and the introduction of a universal satisfaction of the basic level of needs, (a la Maslow,) a form of “illuminated capitalism” could even prosper in a type one society.

OTOH the traditional retrograde motion of dogmatic capitalism, may experience an head on collision with the reality of resource limits, just like “any” other unwarranted dogma, and in such case technocracy, also defined as “war logistics” may become “inevitable,” it is not a fact of “choice,” it is a “logical and scientific” consequence, it wont matter if people believe or not in logistics, unless they are planning of being “martyrs of sophism,” logistics is the science that feeds them in scarcity.

“The End of the Consumer Economy: Although economists are trained to treat energy just like any other resource when it comes to “supply and demand”, it is manifestly not like any other resource. Net energy is the pre-condition for all other resources. The coming peak in global oil production signals the end of the consumer economy because nothing can replace conventional oil.” (J. Hanson, 1999)

IOW, “the precondition” is not a matter of “belief” or “choice,” “is a provable consequence of thermodynamics,” what we “believe” or “vote for” is “irrelevant, we can vote against gravity, but that won’t change the behavior of gravity.

“It is, in fact, the fate of all kinds of energy of position to be ultimately converted into energy of motion. The former may be compared to money in a bank, or capital, the latter to money which we are in the act of spending … If we pursue the analogy a step further, we shall see that the great capitalist is respected because he has the disposal of a great quantity of energy; and that whether he be nobleman or sovereign, or a general in command, he is powerful only from having something which enables him to make use of the services of others. When a man of wealth pays a labouring man to work for him, he is in truth converting so much of his energy of position into actual energy … The world of mechanism is not a manufactory, in which energy is created, but rather a mart, into which we may bring energy of one kind and change or barter it for an equivalent of another kind, that suits us better, but if we come with nothing in hand, with nothing we will most assuredly return.” (Balfour Stewart, 1883)

Here economics gets closer to factual evidence, not to be surprised, Balfour Stewart was in fact a physicist ;-), nevertheless it could be noted that “capital” is more proper terminology, being in modern money mechanics the exchange of currency very fuzzy and not reflecting energy conversion, in a stabilized way in time, as so eloquently indicate by Voltaire (?, possibly,) “fiat money eventually returns to its intrinsic value.”

“The standard economic model of homo oeconomicus is characterized by the following assumptions (e.g. Frey 1999): … 6. Individuals behave entirely rationally. They are able to determine their own maximum utility according to their own preferences within given restrictions. It is on the basis of these assumptions that the standard economic model is applied to all spheres of life, for instance, to the family, drug abuse, abortion, criminality, art, sport, religion, and suicide. … The criticism of the assumptions about the cognitive characteristics of homo oeconomicus is the least controversial. They go back to Simon (1955, 1956) and have led to the idea of bounded rationality as a consequence of people’s limited capacity to process information. Individuals do not maximize their utility, but can at best achieve satisfactory results. … Instead “the same assumptions are still in place as the cornerstones of economic analysis” (Kahneman 2003: 162), though the research on decision anomalies provides precise and situation-specific differentiation of bounded rationality.” (Jetta Frost, Margit Osterloh, 2007)

This is self explanatory, this school of thought, as indicated in the paper, has been vastly proven erroneous, (Daniel Kahneman, 2002,) however most governments on the planet are still designed and acting as if it was valid.


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