“Monetary efficiency is not efficient” (J. Hanson, 1999)

=Draining and maintaining navigable channels, barges and freighters are 38 times more efficient than trucks, ocean freighters can be made even more efficient with the use of water cooled SMRs, and incremental benefits are also effects of natural fertilization among land water ways, also to be restored and maintained in order to reduce use of fertilizers, mostly petroleum derived (and in so raising total energy efficiency levels).

=Restoring and maintaining railroad systems, trains are 19 times more efficient than trucks, can be made even more efficient with longer and higher convoys and multiple engines, and eventually even more survivable and efficient, using MSR SMRs.

=Designing monorail systems, while energy efficiency is about same (at 2.5 to 3 times than buses,) as light rails and tubes, infrastructure is “way” cheaper, and speed optimal. Nevertheless, where possible, city surface rail is still as efficient as trains, and better than any other options, at 19 times higher efficiency than bus/trucks. Light rail intubation can be used to increase safety, efficiency, separation of traffic, speed, and furthermore, to discourage stupid use of private transport in urban areas.

=Eliminating traffic signals in favor of four way stops and expressways is more efficient energy wise, and also creates butterfly amplification of savings over accidents affecting insurances, labor hours, medical, fire dept and police, court, besides human lives losses, quantified about at 50% (Holland,) method now being in way of implementation also in Belgium, Denmark, and Germany.

=Mandating very light pastel colors (better whites and yellows,) for high circulation vehicles (possibly for all in the future,) creates butterfly amplification of savings over accidents affecting insurances, labor hours, medical, fire dept and police, court, besides human lives losses, quantified about at 50% of darkness accidents (USA.)

=Mandating fluorescent paints on vehicles, road signaling, road surface markings and obstacle signaling creates butterfly amplification of savings over accidents affecting insurances, labor hours, medical, fire dept and police, court, besides human lives losses, not quantified at this time, of darkness accidents (experimental technology, USA,) besides producing consistent money savings in street illumination.

=Mandating LED street and public spaces lighting, producing consistent money savings in illumination.

=Electric distribution starts at 33% efficiency rate, that goes at 49% with combined cycle, and up to 60% (GE ‘H’ System,) this should be improved anyhow and somehow. Electric load on user side (home and business power-stations,) must be integrated with thermal and other technologies, to obtain combined efficiency of 90%.

=Carrying your own fuel does contribute to lower efficiency as well, this varies with systems (affecting mostly air, and in lower measure ground,) nevertheless should be improved somehow. One solution proposed by a US venture is paving streets with solar panels, this could be integrated into a slow drain recharging of batteries, for modern ultralight recumbent, relying on very light natural materials, very advanced batteries, body surface itself photo-voltaic, human power assist, and inertial boost assist. Air vehicles (especially LTAs,) could be powered as well by RF towers paths en-route.

=Once we stop relying on heavy traffic on roads, bridges and tunnels, we can move on to the next step, conversion of tunnels over 200ft MSL, into underground cities, and recycling of materials from bridges and roads into the scavenger economy supply side lines, the future of privileged individual transport is QLTA FAVs, no nead of roads, bridges, tunnels, a 40% recovery of wasted land among parcels, to increase home gardening agricultural space, and/or urban gardening in agricultural space of the commons, the age of 2d is over for rapid localization, the future is 3d, the mini-cars of the future will be like today’s bicycles, many may operate as well in the altitude 0-100 ft to reduce congestion and need of costly useless streets.

=The wider and wider adoption of renewable sources, characterized by poor peak power performance, would suggest an extensive use of molten salt thermal accumulation, and international agreements to connect the world grid, in order to be able to use continuous 24h production, alternatively the systems could be integrated by ‘pumps’ in precomputed areas based on SMR MSR maintenance free unattended operation reactors.

=The needs of transatlantic rapid transport, may exceed the efficiency of aviation, in so a combination of gravitational, inertial, electro-pneumatic net of intubation, on planetary scale, could most likely represent a world scale solution for the transport of the 21st century.

=High concentration urbanization, such as the one invented this century, have to go, because completely unsustainable, the possible best solution is radial design with lace-work patches for farming. The same way, the corrupted useless education system designed for indoctrination into submission to the cultures of quackery, mainly beliefs in absurdities and predatory competitive procreation jungle, has to go as well, towards a world with no currency, where education is minimally quackeries and maximally science and engineering, and value is determined by universal energy accounting.

=Information technology requires a different approach from the one driven principally by the selfish interest of the private industry and the hype in the clouds of academics, nobody talks about it, but IT is one of the greatest contributors to miss-allocation of resources of our times, a generalized “convenient,” “conflict of interest driven” incompetence, in a babel of non inter-operable formats, a generalize absence of application of minimum criteria and requirements of a 50 years life cycle of support of programming languages. The path of sanity does exist, but too often corruption and incompetence take out of the main road towards management choices at the level of teenagers picking gadgets, this waste of resources has to go. If you can not program in a ISO compliant, “portable,” “vendor neutral,” c++, and your usual fourth or fifth generation languages, do something else, the rest of this crap has to go, the babel tower of useless languages is a sink.

=The current nuclear technology, is completely useless, obsolete, and dangerous. It can not be stopped, because stopping it is worse than keeping it in operation, “however”it must be replaced with thorium MSR SMR as fast as possible, in order to minimize the eventual targeting in the incoming next world war, ‘and’ in order to ‘try’ to deplete or relocate in a sparse enough fashion, all the fuel which could cause accidental or intentional meltdown.

=Unfortunately wall street and the other financial centers are an obstacle in any progress, in so it would be advisable a controlled crash of the monetary system, to reduce the leverage of faulty rigged currency, driven by leeches rackets, followed by military takeover of all the countries of the planet with martial law. The financial/speculative and all the other cabals, such as religion rackets, and other unproductive organizations of parasites, can be dismissed of thereafter.


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