Forms of Government


“The Declaration of Human Rights, issued by the United Nations (UN), stresses the duty of governments to treat their people justly.”

But in the facts those are just useless words, since the ‘dominant’ economic quackery rackets of rigged financial usury predation and bloody terrorist religions dogma quackery domination, are an ‘immovable caste,’ and such idiocy persists because of spineless and dumb people ‘believing’ such quackeries and voting those idiots, and criminal crooks using such quackeries for their power purpose, corrupting the vote, now even falsifying it with ‘rigged’ voting machines.

Looking back to history, there are forms which could grant compliance to the Declaration of Human Rights, such as:

1) A monarchist republic design, where a lineage of integrity absolutely above any laws of (quackery) humans and (quackery) gods, (such as a requirement of 500 years blood line of integrity, as example, and to avoid ‘retorsion’ as example again, from the subversive part of the Christian mafia or the banking mafia,) has exclusive ceremonial duties of representation of the nation, and the exclusive power of ‘ostracism in the interest of the nation’ for any public servant and financial operator, for which may exist, independently from any legal, administrative, or consent issue, and with absolutely no implication of fault, a ‘considerable potential damage’ as said for the world scale reputation of the nation.

The first to protect the reputation of the countries from the corruption of democracies in the best interest of the democratic process and the people, since it is a known fact that monarchies are way less costly on the taxpayer pockets, than republican democracies, also known as the plutocracies of the intellectually (and at times not only,) corrupted merit, and not negotiable religious quackeries, the second, for the purpose of solving extortion ‘stalls’ in the political process (examples, the GOP extortion over the budget bill, in the US, and the Berlusconi saga in Italy.) In such late scenario, Boehner and Berlusconi could be sent for ten years in Antigua, and the rest of the world could move on with life, ‘regardless of fault,’ but ‘in the best interest of the nation’ (notice that ‘both sagas’ in both countries, even for different reasons, managed to get the credit rating of the respective countries downgraded, a clear signal of where the issue is, again, ‘regardless of fault.’)

2) A ‘simplified’ design, where ‘the president’ ‘directly elected’ is the ‘chief’ of the government, (the ‘executive’ branch,) with all powers, ‘and’ the position of ‘secretary’/’minister’ (in Europe, not to be confused with Pigs Priests,) can only be elected ‘directly by the people’ among the highest level members of the respective ‘science academies’ or equivalent for arts, et cetera, (IOW, Nobel or equivalent levels required or preferred.)

Such solution to protect the problem of ‘incompetence’ affecting in both ways ‘any’ form of currently existing governments, based on quackeries such as consent (‘political,’ not to be confused with labor place or sexual consent,) ‘and’ ‘no relation whatsoever of dependency’ should exist between ‘secretary’/’minister’ (members of the executive branch,) and members of parliaments, (of the legislative branch,) in order to eliminate the ‘connivance’ of the lobbying cycles of ‘corruption’ and ‘purchase of (political) indulgences.’

3) A ‘clear entry’ in the constitutions that makes ‘invalid’ any law based on non provable quackery (IOW anything that can not be ‘demonstrated’ with ‘formal proof,’) in order to eliminate costly idiocies (such as economic quackeries and religious quackeries,) from any legislation. It is ‘interesting to notice’ that such action would not affect ‘freedom of quackery’ but only affect the ‘terrorist methods’ with which quackeries (such as banking and religion rackets,) ‘hijack’ countries legal control, for their cult adepts selfish filthy interest of ‘predation,’ considering also that in no measure such entry would affect the freedom of religion of assembling naked peacefully, to dance and bark at the moon (while thanking their respective fairy tales in the skies forgiving sins, for any alleged miracle.)

Could it happen among humans (AKA idiot predatory monkeys believing in the ‘merit’ of extortion for ‘competitive reproduction’ purposes, and in the myth of ‘perpetual growth’ of ‘monetary efficiency’ towelette paper created by financial slavery debt ?) Not a chance, ‘if’ humans ‘evolve’ based on fitness (unwarranted ‘quackery,’ the fittest person on earth won’t survive a generation, alone on a desert island,) with ‘growth’ (unwarranted quackery, with increased births the average IQ ‘drops,’) then we should get there, maybe in another hundred thousand years, ‘not a chance’ but ‘in the facts’ we appear to be going to be extinct ‘this current’ century, (unless the extraterrestrial in the skies which forgive sins comes and rescue us in a ‘miracle,’) thank to usury predatory quackery and religions genocide and population bomb weapons of mass leaching, hallelujah.


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