India’s Russian-Made Sukhois Wipe the Floor With UK’s Eurofighters

India’s Russian-Made Sukhois Wipe the Floor With UK’s Eurofighters


“Indian Air Force pilots flying the Su-30MKI humiliated the top aces of the RAF, blanking their latest Eurofighter Typhoon jets 12-0 … in 2008 at Exercise Red Flag held at Mountain Home AFB, known for its complex and realistic war gaming, not a single Su-30MKI fighter was ‘shot down’ in close air combat missions. In 10-odd one-on-one engagements against USAF jets such as the F-15 and F-16, none of the Sukhois were even close to being shot down”

Well, we knew from a long time the superiority advantage of thrust vectoring in close air combat, especially when associated with advanced FBW, but apparently there was (almost) no interest to develop it at generalized deployment level in the west, and the results are visible, besides, now would not even be sufficient to catch up, it would take optical analog computing and fly by light to overcome MEP, newer generations of improved stealth to overcome improved passive sensors, and a whole new logic of both sensors on weapons and EW.

And is hard to tell if the western logic that choses faulty IT technology for critical instrumentation control, may be willing to acknowledge that is time to set aside corporate (and religious, and political, and economic,) interference, intrusion, and corruption in strategic matters, and look objectively to the challenge, if the west may want to have a just minimal possibility of superiority outside the third world.