2014 was the hottest year on record globally by far

2014 was the hottest year on record globally by far

(from climatecodered.org)

“As the JMA graph shows, there has been no “hiatus” or “pause” in warming. In fact, there has not even been a slowdown. Yes, in JMA’s ranking of hottest years, 1998 is in (a distant) second place — but 1998 was an outlier as the graph shows. In fact, 1998 was boosted above the trendline by an unusual super-El Niño. It is usually the combination of the underlying long-term warming trend and the regional El Niño warming pattern that leads to new global temperature records.”

Guess we may have to start thinking that the kleptocracy of the useless (namely chicken brain democracies, pedo-genocide religions, economics voodoo, political and legal corruption quackery rackets,) that rule the planet, are going to take us to collective planetary suicide.

“Leave any hope ye who enter” (this world ruled by imbeciles,) hallelujah. So let just do 2015, again, with the worse performance on CO2 since humans have been on earth, just sayin, since we value our quackery inbred dear christian usury slavery leaders.

And to add to the joke, here we have clown psychiatry telling you that you are mentally ill if you question (quackery voodoo) authority, (such as the GOP pseudo-science voodoo of BAU,) and humanism as another religion trying to sell morals (from mora, morae …, customs, habits,) as scientific fact, which implies that humanism, just as economics, is another religion, hallelujah.


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