Monsanto: Mafia protection racket – Corporate organized crime

Monsanto: Mafia protection racket – Corporate organized crime


“Monsanto “lied” in the U.S. Supreme Court that they’ll never sue farmers for inadvertent contamination of their fields, William Engdahl, author of “Seeds of destruction: GMO’s hidden agenda,” told RT. … RT: How serious is this ruling for farmers who are caught out growing GM crops through no fault of their own? William Engdahl: It’s quite serious and it’s really outrageous that the Supreme Court has once again taken the side of Monsanto on the GMO cartel and ruled against natural farming. The implications of this are huge because, first of all, Monsanto lied in its statement to the Supreme Court. They lied brazenly by saying they never had and never will sue farmers for inadvertent contamination of their fields. But they have sued countless farmers – Percy Schmeiser, a farmer in Canada, is a vivid example of that. Monsanto has a team of lawyers that go out and terrorize farmers in the US and Canada. When the wind blows the seeds from a Monsanto field across to a non-Monsanto field it says, “OK, now you have to pay.” This is like a mafia selling protection. … This is a part of the monopoly pushed by Monsanto. They are buying up seed companies all around the world to take ownership of the proprietary seeds. This is a concentration of power over the human food chain. The first ruling in the Supreme Court in the 1990s that you can patent life, that you can take a patent on life by injecting a foreign gene – that was a false decision to begin with. There has been a whole sequence since it, and it’s the influence buying of the agribusiness that made it possible. That’s a horrendous development for the future of food security in the world. “

Obvious, it confirms the agenda of the wall street christo-nazi mafia, and their accomplices of the nazi vatican christo mafia, the same that brought to you standard oil IG farben aushwitz and eight million of american dead in the dust bowl, ‘to prevent drop of prices,’ a plan of ‘predation’ and production of ‘further’ genocides (in which the cato-christian bastards are obviously specialized, as history tells us,) to perpetuate religion and usury banking mafia skims in a time nobody believes those rackets of vultures vampires leeches any longer.

And all this without counting the ‘plausible denial’ poisoning of world population in foods, ‘pretty much planned genocide,’ it will be like agent orange in food on world scale, except that this is monsanto roundup, still poison.

Not to see the emergence of christian-pedophile-catholic-genocide nazist plans out of this, is being blind, ‘or accomplices.’ This is the ‘not negotiable’ (genocide plan) AKA ‘new world order’ the grandson of hitler banker, and the nazi pope told you about. Read their lips, and history.

They are all accomplices, the ‘brains of genocide’ are in the christian banking mafia in wall street, and in the catholic mafia at the vatican. Judo marxism and christo-nazism in wall street, meets cato marxism and cato-nazism in rome hundred year later, the revolution of 1917, the nazi holocaust, the croatian vatican holocaust, the vietnam war, all byproducts of the same alliance of parasites, religions and banking mafia, born at the beginning of last century.

‘The architects of genocides.’The ‘new world order,’ is nothing else than ‘the plan’ of those crooks, of genocide of half the population of the planet.


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