Why reform of China’s one-child policy has had little effect in boosting fertility levels

Why reform of China’s one-child policy has had little effect in boosting fertility levels

Good, if they have some common sense now they know where the marxist fantasy of ‘proletarian struggle’ of ‘mother heroes’ idiocies (another religion,) lead to, ‘in the facts,’ (as well as where the unlimited reproduction idiocies of psychotic idiotic mafias, AKA ‘religions,’ lead the west to.)

Apparently, education in china suffers of the same problem of the corrupted christo-nazi western dis-education of quackery of the carnegies and the rockefeller, the ‘baronal teaching lobby’ of parasites slave masters of the christo-banking mafia pigs racket (in the west) and probably of the marxi-politic parasite racket in the east, have ‘an hydraulic’ issue of ‘power grabbing struggle’ of ‘their’ pyramids of ‘clientele’ in order to operate ‘their self-referential’ ‘class struggle’ of giant egos, to the top of the food chain.

All those parasites conspiracies, such as religion filth mafia rackets, corrupted education rackets, political plutocracy rackets, economic idiocies rackets, need to be ‘carefully controlled,’ by a wise leadership, in order not to transform china in a plutocracy of religion and usury mafia, like those filthy motherfucker inbred bastards sons of bitches, have done in the west.

‘There is no problem in aging population,’ ‘unless you have a pig usury religious motherfucker bastards slavery and robbery/predation (‘divestiture’) eugenic agenda,’ like the SOBs inbred christian assholes have in the west, and ‘there is no problem in aging population,’ if you convert half the country sedentary work into ‘work from home on telecommuting technology,’ to ‘increase thermodynamic efficiency’ of this garbage making idiocy of western christian banking ponzi skim, a pit producing idiocy, a predatory inefficient fraud, in which average life time of a product is ‘six months.’ Is time to stop this christo-banking-mafia ponzi skim insanity of the ‘monetary efficiency’ of charlatans economists crooks serfs of ponzi banking skimmers christo-mafia.

In the west nobody wants to look there, because the brainfuck stupidity of religion and economics usury, are ‘cults of death, brainwashing and slavery,’ and both unwarranted stupid dogma byproduct of brainless SOBs cave men inbred arrogant ignorant pieces of shit racketeers, IOW ‘mafias,’ of ‘psychotic eugenic genocide bastards.’

And if china acknowledges ‘history,’ in a ‘factual and scientific manner,’ it has to acknowledge that certain western ‘rigged ponzi economic-banking-religious rackets of monetary capitalism predation of cristo nazi parasites,’ ‘are a scientific, factual, thermodynamic failure,’ a fraud, an inefficient thermodynamically self-referent agendas of people with ‘no brain and only giant egos,’ imbeciles, ignorant, idiots, self-graduated in their mafia corrupted dis-education institutions of charlatans, in idiocy quackery such theology and stupidity fraud mastery such as classic economics (predatory leaching,) assholes that hijacked civilization with the coup of the quackery of democracy of chicken brains, in so china should be very careful, ‘not to repeat the error,’ that will send ‘the entire west in the third world’ before 2050.

China has to control, modulate, and suppress, the power of ‘quackery,’ executing the masters of those categories of parasites, (the ‘architects’ of thermodynamic inefficiency, AKA banking-monetary and religious ponzi skimmers, and their supporters of the caste of mandarins of corrupted education and media,) beat them up hard when they get out of line, because those categories of ‘treason pigs’ are such castes of self-referent mandarins, that would take the entire planet to ruins, for their self-referent cult of death slavery and greed agendas.

And all this, even if it may require another ‘cultural revolution’ to eliminate those filthy bastards, is ‘the only way out’ from catastrophe at planetary level.

With the bastards, you are doomed as we are in the west, they were right the emperors of china, once in a while, burn down all their scumbag pulpits, to put them back in their place, before they get to fuck up anything they touch as they normally do, in the whole country and planet, the psychotic religion mafia inbred ponzi vampire leeches.

There is ‘no f*g reason to boost fertility level,’ f*g imbeciles.


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