Coal gasification: American coal power’s last, best chance?

Coal gasification: American coal power’s last, best chance?


“I think you almost could compare [IGCC projects] to nuclear plants,” he said, “because they have a very high capital cost … have relatively high fixed costs once they’re operating, and you still have uncertainty associated with the carbon capture [technology] … Experts say IGCC plants with carbon capture capabilities like Kemper consume 20-30% more coal to make a kilowatt hour of electricity than traditional coal plants”

Well, it may not end up in reality in being the mecca that looks on paper, just like the fracking ponzi skim to overvalue minerary rights and sell more ponzi derivatives to morons. OTOH it is still better to maintain alive the process of extraction in order to be able to regress, in case of a (very possible, and very probable) planetary collapse, to traditional stirling cycle boilers. Solves some problems for now.

The sad part of this energy challenge is that the nuclear industry is refusing to abandon it’s faulty war mongering failed technology of water cooled boilers at sea level, in favor of MSR SMRs at high elevation under mountains, just like the coal and oil industry are more worried about corrupting governments to maintain BAU and christian nazi idiocies, than looking realistically into a step from coal to carbon chemicals excluding completelly endothermic boilers methods.

The further sad part of this energy challenge, is that the higher convenience for utility companies to support decentralized production, impacts with the non susteinability of suburbia dementia, predictable breakdown for lack of maintenance of the highways to nowhere dementia system, and the idiotically short life cycle of PV where it remain dobious if after factoring all the energy used to build the junk, there may really be any envinromental advantages left.

On top of all this mess, now there is the saudi vs russia vs oil-gas-fraking lobby under the table war, which will cause another bubble of biblic proportions, since the western democracies chicken brains will have another reason to keep going towards collective suicide with BAU. In the process, some will get hurt really bad.

And at the end of all this, the only other technologies that make any sense, are california and spain molten salt thermal solar energy, and pickens wind mills, which are now in limbo because of the standing planetary chaos on energy prices. Which leads back to the ‘unwarranted merit’ of the currencies ‘ponzi skims,’ whereas ‘monetary efficiency,’ is the oxymoron invented by the usual crooks to rob the usual morons.

Now obviously if energy was priced in ‘energy,’ in 24 hours all the scumbags of the planet (wall street christo-nazi mafia, various oil and coal rackets, et cetera,) would have to find quick some other job, hallelujah.


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