Happy talk about the climate

Happy talk about the climate

(from cluborlov.blogspot.com)

“The non-binding climate deal which the US and China just signed will allow the Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration to go to 500ppm and beyond by the end of the century, far past the current concentration of 400ppm. Historically, this concentration was sufficient to produce an ice-free Arctic, significantly higher ocean levels, and an environment unlikely to be able to sustain large human populations. … there never was a fight, just some of the usual useless politicking … Obama’s willingness to sign it signals, among other things, a recognition of the ongoing economic collapse, and an assumption that it will only accelerate. … willfully ignorant or the scientifically illiterate”

Well, the first step to solve an issue is to ‘acknowledge the problem,’ but the main actors of this crash of the roman empire v 2.0 have determined that their madness is ‘not negotiable,’ even if the ‘practical common sense explanation,’ is under everybody’s eyes:

1) Arithmetic, population and energy.

2) Effects of peak oil, and big picture at current time.

3) Consequences, inevitable at some point, insisting with BAU and the current mandarins of quackery.

Obviously as per marie antoinette, the ‘cleptocracy’ of ‘scientific inefficiency’ and ‘predatory arrogance,’ is still thinking that without changing it’s tunes, it won’t lose it’s heads, but history indicates otherwise.

In so, even if it is difficult for brains washed and fried by the corrupted education of the carnegies and rockefellers, to acknowledge there is a problem, ancient popular wisdom would suggest to reset the brains, and brace for impact.

Erwin Chargaff remarked in his 1978 autobiography, Heraclitean Fire, “On the whole, professional pessimists prove right at the end if one does not hold them too tightly to a time scale.”


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