Ticking time bombs: Where oil’s fall is dangerous

Ticking time bombs: Where oil’s fall is dangerous

(from cnbc.com)

“Continued price declines would for some countries and companies make an already difficult situation even worse”

Well, the fore of the planetanic economy is happy that the aft is sinking, and does not see the iceberg right in front of it.

I guess now the ‘banking intelligentsia’ is probably pressuring the attorney in chief, to be prepared for the next wave of slum dunk wars in south america, and the federal express reserve to get their printing presses hot for the next wave of QE at the 3rd power.

With the same logic of the GW administration, maybe the banksters may now suggest to invade colombia, and who knows who else, with the excuse of bankruptcy revolutions in mexico and venezuela, maybe invade cuba ? like the mafia catholic ignorants nazi in florida want ? and maybe increase that 8% of GDP based on money laundering of drugs trade to 16% ?, wall street christo mafia drug central, looks like a specialization, following the vatican example.

The formula has been successfully experimented in afghanistan, where now wall street is the center of the world scale opium trade, and with colombia, it could be as well the center of cocaine trade. Venezuela ? a good chance to make a revolution there, as per cuba, the wall street racket has always kept it’s eyes on them.

With some common sense, the west imposing tariffs on OPEC would be a way to avoid destroying the domestic economy, but who cares of doing so ? All they care is to build more junk in detroit, more mac mansions cardboard garbage in suburbia, and so on, packaging that garbage paper in derivative debt to resell to turkeys planet wise. Al capone was a hobbyist, compared to wall street ponzi banksters.

Wall street christo scumbags economics is causing another depression, one of these days will be 1929 at the cube, I would short them but the chicken brains around the planet believe the christo-usury crooks, so enjoy them, hallelujah. OTOH the INS may want to have a contingency plan, the way it looks hordes of hungry people, will invade the US from south america very soon.


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