Idea From Bill Gates Spurs Development of a ‘Remote-Controlled’ Birth Control Chip

Idea From Bill Gates Spurs Development of a ‘Remote-Controlled’ Birth Control Chip


“The birth control hormone is dispensed when an electrical current, spurred on by the remote, melts a small part of the device. The technology to deliver a drug in this way was invented by MIT’s Rober Langer, Michael Cima and John Santini in the 1990s and later licensed to MicroCHIPS. In addition to loads of testing, Technology Review reported that the makers would also have to prove the chip can be encrypted well enough so that it could not be tampered with without the patient’s knowledge. “Communication with the implant has to occur at skin contact level distance,” Robert Farra, MicroCHIPS president and chief operating officer, told BBC. ”Someone across the room cannot reprogram your implant. Then we have secure encryption. That prevents someone from trying to interpret or intervene between the communications.””

Well, we need to do something for ‘mandatory birth control,’ however serious doubt remain on how such solution could be manipulated for usual ‘agendas.’

I would be much happier with freely available long term birth control (depo provera, copper spiral,) ‘and’ freely available vasectomy at the time of delivery of first child, easier, consolidated, more practical.

The alternative could be ‘spray’ of entire populations and continents with reproduction inhibitors, or biochemical sterilization, at some point, since nobody can persuade the empty brains not to reproduce like rats, something will have to be done, may as well spray all the large cities, already unsustainable.


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