Why we must rid the world of nuclear weapons

Why we must rid the world of nuclear weapons

(from theguardian.com)

“An influential American academic, Kenneth Waltz, considered the proliferation of nuclear weapons to be a good thing; the more countries that obtained them, the better. “Those who like peace should love nuclear weapons,” Waltz argued. “They are the only weapons ever invented that work decisively against their own use.””

Waltz concept is still valid, and is the only real deterrent against certain cabals that have sought in history traditionally genocide, slavery, et cetera (namely religions and economic/banking thieves.)

The place where a doubt may occur, is if it is logical to give nuclear (military, dual use,) technology to theocracies (such as pakistan and iran,) since religions are cults of genocide, predation, essentially cults of death.

The end of ‘nuclear terror deterrent’ in leading powers, would bring back genocide and mass slavery, there would be no ‘incentive’ for theocracies and usury economic financial kleptocracies to ‘limit’ their slavery and genocide plans, no fear of retaliation.

No thank you. MAD is the only guarantee of freedom and liberty, together with a valid and powerful opponent to the religion-banking theft quackery mafia.

And without freedom and liberty, to be slaves of pigs inbred usury assholes and pieces of shit religious pedophiles genocides, then death is the best, for all, the motherfuckers included.


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