Has Dan Brown Saved The World?

Has Dan Brown Saved The World?

(from populationelephant.com)

“That is the lesson here. That is the lesson of Dan Brown’s miscalculation. Quit thinking someone else is going to solve this problem. Quit hoping that the smart people “out there” will come up with something to fix this without your involvement or sacrifice. Do as Jensen suggests – give up on hope and get into action. Educate yourself, think, get real, do something, say something, write something, get involved – you must do these things because our leaders will not. If you don’t, within just a few decades, we will erect a giant monument with this epitaph for humanity: What we would do, could not work and What could have worked, we would not do”

We could still make it, sterilize everybody, births in vitro only, maximum one per couple, or alternatively one family member commits suicide or is executed, every time a further new life in the family is brought in.

‘Can’ we make it as humans ? Not really, ours is the ‘age of stupid’ dominated by idiocies like religions quackeries, democracies of chicken-brains, banking ponzi of mafia predation, politics, education and media, prostituted at the service of quackery for a fee, count the human species extinct in a few decades, a few billions at the time, is too late, we are entering the first of many phases where ‘nature’ will teach ‘not negotiable’ fantasy psychotic quackery, what ‘really’ controls closed system earth.


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