Ebola needs leadership

Ebola needs leadership

(from fin24.com)

“Leaders are people that have a plan … For sure, if everyone in the world was prevented from leaving their house or other home or place of work for a period of four weeks then there would no longer be any Ebola except that spread by Fruit Bats and other animals … We are in a compound maths game … We need a leader with a plan that can work with the resources that we have right now”

Well, is not just in europe and africa, today our attorney in chief, (in the US,) apparently (heard from another source,) told people not too worry, because ‘ebola is not contagious, only infective,’ (worse, it does not even require physical contact,) hallelujah.

Probably the only feasible short term move is closing the borders (and transport services,) with all the countries affected, if they need something, they can discuss it in video conference and process it on-line, we can get FEDEX and UPS to drop there anything they need, including instruction manuals, most of those people learned in the air forces anyhow, how to drop pallets without any contact with the locals.

Basic maritime rule, first thing you do when you are sinking is close the compartments, anybody there thinking of doing so ? wake up, is anybody there ?


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