In Italian Forests, Where The “Bread Of The Poor” Grows

In Italian Forests, Where The “Bread Of The Poor” Grows


“Chestnuts as a way of life Chestnut trees have had a significant presence in Italy for thousands of years. The trees originally came from China to Turkey, and then evolved as the Castanea Sativa — known commonly as the sweet chestnut — which spread throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. The ancient Romans adored them, and Quintus Gargilius Martialis, Virgil and Pliny all mentioned the nut in some way. The chestnut boom actually coincided with the decline of feudal civilization”

Perrenials offer as usual a solution, monsanto, churches, wall street, offer as usual the solution of nazi filthy inquisitions of christian motherfuckers pigs, that comes back at every crisis of humanity, it should now be evident ‘by the facts’ that genocides and nazisms, are subproducts of the usury capitalistic cristian merde, the sub-culture of the psychopath mafia of predatory godly pigs, christian filth, center, at the vatican rogue pedophile genocide mafia central.

OTOH, if we look at today christian insane usury mafioso america GOP and neocons nazi values, (christianity holy vampirism, and usury leeching theft ponzi racket,) we can see a pattern, overlapping the events with the fall of the roman empire, ‘unsustainable’ is a fact of science, there is no pig god, or mafioso christian clergy, no godly empty brained bimbo, or no corrupted economic idiot scribe on newpapers, which can solve with good intentions or intentional religion-crap deception and lies, the outcome from leadership of empty brain architects, there is no inbred racket of ignorant giant ego usury and predation bastards parasite leeches, even (and expecially if) trained in economic quackery non-science and non-art mafioso cabal, no austrian charlatains, no octopus dei psychopath, which can solve with the ‘capitalist’ ‘godly’ quackery cabal alone, asides of robbing the planet and the american people, murdering the planet and the american people, ‘divesting’ it in al capone style.

What the funding fathers feared, the ‘tirrany of majority’ of the chicken brains filled of godly shit, has happened, the over-breeding of the religious eversive filth and the inbred parasite leeching, has overrided all checks and balances, and established the tiranny of majority of the mafias of god and usury, which are cannibalizing the world and their socieities, to re-establish slavery in america, in behalf of the richest capitalist of the world, the popes of the pedophile genocide vatican rogue mafioso terrorist state their puppet master, catholic/christian mafia racket which own the federal reserve.

Get yourself a new canoe, stay ready for the sinking of the christo-merde usuro-vampiric leeches ameritanic, ‘collapse.’


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