Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

(from itccs.org)

“Let it also be recognized that as a proven international criminal body engaged in human trafficking, money laundering and child torture, the Roman Catholic Church constitutes an International Criminal Organization that is waging war against humanity, its children, and its laws.”

Good luck, in italy nobody even knows that the vatican is a terrorist rogue racket criminal state, because, under the italian law, produced under the piece of shit of the providence, mussolini (benito,) who sold for politican ambitions, italy and it’s people, to the chief of the pedophile, genocide, usury predation catolic mafia state and money recycling bank of god (they say,) satan in person, the pope, is ‘protected’ by a the corrupted law meant to produce suppression of freedom of speech, in order to hide the rogue genocide paedophile predatory mafioso state of the vatican crimes against humanity:

genocide in nazi germany (vatican, reichskonkordat)

protection of genocide wanted nazis with the rat lines

genocide in croatia (vatican, franciscans)

genocide in canada (vatican, orphanages)

genocide in chile (opus dei)

genocide in argentina (opus dei)

genocide in rwanda

banking recycling mafia moneys and global scale tax evasion

human trafficking and exploitation on planetary scale of clergy paedophilia

and many others, in their religious mafia 2000 years of crimes against humanity

It may never be raised the doubt (almost certainty) that the italian government and state, public sector, may most likely be completely corrupted and infiltrated by members of the ‘mafia of god,’ also known as opus dei or nickname ‘octopus dei,’ for which the italian justice system has ‘forever’ refused to investigate, (even if the charges resulting from being members of such an organization, given the history of subversion, eversion, and crimes against humanity, would reasonably amount to ‘treason.’)

The prospect of evidence of facts emerging and proving italy under the godly mafia control, looks very grim, for the image of the country in the world, while the christian italian mafia tries with all means to close the state archives, to destroy the evidence of their collusion with the vatican mafia, the proves of their crimes are already all over the planet, it won’t sort the result they hope, they are finished, whether they want to accept it or not, they are one of the main targets of the next world war.

One day italy will be nuked by some good soul doing the work of the real ‘god,’ the grand gardener of the universe, not the quackery god of catholics, the pedophile genocide god of the satanic vatican, which seems more to be the prince of hell work, as humorously mentioned by dowstoyewski, and with so the vatican and some part of italy will disappear from the face of the planet, while some italien, may never know of ‘why.’

Now is the time for the international community to inform kindly or to notify more roughly the paedophile genocide mafioso state of the vatican, to withdraw their mafia boss clergy members from political and public presence and positions, together with any claim over sovereign nations such as germany, italy, and any other, in order not to require a war to vaporize such rogue state mafia racket of filth, paedophiles, genocide, mobsters, the catholic church is an insult to human dignity, the same for paedophile genocide mafioso state of the vatican, from the face of the planet.


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