Fractional ownership and allocation, one of the key measures, towards thermodinamic efficiency.

Fractional ownership


“Fractional ownership simply means the division of any asset into portions or shares. If the “asset” is a property, the title or deed can be legally divided into shares. In certain instances this is done by creating a “mezzanine structure”, i.e., creating a company which owns the property then allowing multiple owners or investors to own shares in the company. Those shares can then be purchased and owned by more than one individual. The reasons for a “mezzanine structure” can vary. Two common reasons are to allow transfer of shares without the need to reflect changes on the title or deed to the property, and for tax benefits.”

The above, the business explanation, ‘however’ there is also a scientific reason, mainly related to thermodynamic efficiency, for such fractioning (in horizontal time share, the fractioning in vertical time share is the common lease/leasehold.)

Fractional ownership solves one of the classic quackery polemics among the two religions of parasites, the one of public ownership, of marxist dogma, and the one of private greed, of christianity mafia dogma, also deceived as economics quackery in many cases, such in the case of the austrian economic quackery school of efficient idiots.

Nobody in his right mind would buy a 747, to go to vacations once a year, but all the morons of the failed economics religion, at 10% physics efficiency, bury themselves and their societies, in 30 years life cycle, cardboard mc mansions boxes and have in their driveway a collection of useless 3 tons gas guzzlers (think for a minute, move 3 tons of steel, to shuttle around a 100 lbs idiot, maybe an hour every other week, geniouses, economists.)

The above the consequential byproduct of the genious of sumerian illiterate cave men means of trade, rigged money and usury, and exclusive accumulation hoarding, the one that brought you an economy of quackery ‘monetary efficiency’ completelly inefficient, that transforms 90% of wealth into garbage to produce a miserable 10% of pure junk, at the highest obsolescence speed since humans appeared on the planet (we are now at an average life cycle of six months, all geniouses.)

Fractional allocation, call it as you wish, lease, timeshare, fractional ownership, whatever, gets the same work done maybe with 5% of resources and hardly no waste, and when associated with virtual enterprise and governance, and logistic distribution, can afford a society, a much higher living standard than the current primitive inbred banking religious idiotic ‘totally inefficient’ social organization idiocy based on 10,000 year old religius idiocy moralities, and 5,000 year old usury hoarding illiterate stone men monetary quackery skims.

A good first approach could unify all governments transport systems with all production transport systems, in one logistic transport agency per county, where networks optimization algorythms would guarantee the correct routing of all movements (of persons and stores,) possibly integrated and under the control of the main actors of logistic delivery (DHL, Fedex, UPS,) in so also re-organizing and retrofitting the zoo of public transport and state and county vehicles, often used in an uneconomic manner.

Another good approach would be the organization of energy efficient, long life cycle community resorts, whereas the integration of sustainability, energy efficiency, energy and gardening self sustainment/production, small surface of living space, modularity (for reduced value at risk and increased scale production economy,) and logistic allocation supply, could at the same time reduce the costs of refueling/supplying and provide a less energy intensive and costly overhead.

A third good approach could be moving any and all administration jobs on telecommuting, on the networks, and moving most of professional services to logistic home/street visiting services, here also where networks optimization algorythms would guarantee the correct routing of all resources based on the actual needs.

Now is up to the people to understand that science has answers, while religious quackery, political quackery, economic quackery, banking usury quackery, have none, being just a bunch of self-referent conflict of interest parasites, ignorant crooks, people that needs to be kindly set aside or wiped out with bullets, in order to move on from their parasite racket of self-referent quackery, into the next level of civilization.


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