Feedback Dynamics, Sensitivity and Runaway Conditions in the Global Climate System

Feedback Dynamics, Sensitivity and Runaway Conditions in the Global Climate System

(from club of rome)

“The first question concerns the amount by which the feedback processes of the global climate system amplify the effects of the anthropogenic contribution to climate change, The second question addresses the dilemma of the possible existance of a critical threshold, or tipping point, in the global climate system beyond which climate change might be precipitated into a period of self-amplification, or runaway behaviour.”

Read more here, get the pdf, or watch the video conference, at this point the materials are about a year and half ahead of the UN recent statements, based on the 2011 picture, and the situation has worsened.

As you may have read of the change of direction of bloomberg, right after sandy, and the recent change of direction of the rockefeller, more happened with the recent de-funding of google and yahoo to conservative think tank of warming denial lobbies, this time, it looks quite difficult the global deniers lies, (as per the case of the pedophile vatican,) may get ahead of all the world culture, well expressed by the statements of the UN (in both cases.)

As well espressed in the paper: ‘It will require a radical revision of the strategic approach to the mitigation of climate change. It lays the foundation for a new assessment of non-linearity and the relationship between feedback dynamics and sensitivity. It also enables exploration of the critical threshold between equilibriating and runaway behaviour in the global climate system.’

Nevertheless, we are still delusional, because the delusion leveraged over all the ignorants on the planet, namelly religions and economics religion schools, such as the discredited austrians:

Alabama state officials: We won’t comply with the EPA because God gave us coal

They’ll change therir mind when hit by a sandy or a katrina, just a matter of time.

We are deluding ourselves: The apocalypse is coming — and technology can’t save us

Those as well, HOT minds, of hype, technology and optimysm, are due to verify, improving their canooing skills, where the problem is.

Naomi Klein on climate failure: “It’s not that we’ve done nothing. We’ve done the wrong things

And here we get to the failure of the economic system at 10% of thermodynamic efficiency, ‘monetary efficiency’ is not only a fraud, but suicidal, the only ‘reasonable’ way of fixing this idiotic economic system, is using energy as currency, wiping out all their accounting tricks generating positive feedback loops, which will result on making economic eternal life cycle (versus todays six months ‘monetary efficiency quackery’ life cycle.)

However, such step won’t be sufficient, until the racket of ‘unlimited procreation’ of ‘the population bomb’ produced by ‘not negotiable’ religious quackery, is not kicked out of any decisional power on the planet, this is probably the difficult part, requiring either a scientific solution to repair faulty religiously oriented brains circuits, or a scientific solution to sterilize all earthlings, switching to in-vitro reproduction, or a use of plausible denial redirection of forces of nature, to cool down the planet in a controlled stress test.

Likelly, the monetary fraud establishment, and the religius pedophile genocide racket, are more interested in a holy war or holy genocide, to suppress all dissent, however, with the reproduction rate of the religius rats, such direction would only result in loss of knowledge (their knowledge is useless,) followed by extinction in a couple of decades or less, so in absence of credible stop to unlimited reproduction and in-efficient monetary/usury ponzi economics, TINA, there is no alternative to activating the freezers, and cooling down the planet, or committing collective suicide.


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