Italy’s Economy: Rising Bankruptcies And Suicide Rates As Recession Drags On

Italy’s Economy: Rising Bankruptcies And Suicide Rates As Recession Drags On


“A recent human-rights report found that financially related suicides increased by 40 percent in the first three months of the year, compared with the same period in 2012 … 6,500 Italian companies closed down operations and went bankrupt in the first half of this year, a 5.9 percent rise from the year-ago period … labor costs have been on the rise and companies have been finding it increasingly difficult to secure a bank loan. Not to mention the fact that Italy has the second-highest interest rates in the European Union”

Well, people abroad may be surprised by the strange numbers coming out from the italian economy, but italian insiders (or former insiders, this story has gone on so long, that at the least three generation have a ‘clear picture,’) are absolutely not surprised of this outcome.

Here is how the story went:

1) The treasonous state of the vatican, after losing large sides of the territory of the pope satan king, at the times of reunification of italy, started investing heavily into usury banking predation, in so it can not even be excluded that jeckyll island may be a project of the ‘architects’ of the satanic vatican state, given historical connections with the sabotage sinking of the titanic, possibly with the hidden purpose of eliminating the astor family, opposers of the project of the central bank in america, mainly controlled by puppets, name place holders for the satanic popes (morgan, that financed the vatican revolution in mexico, bank of america, where clearly the gianninis were just name holders of the satanic popes, maybe even today godman sucks in a battle for god, many others, one, standard oil IG farben that brought you aushwitz, and the attempted nazi coup of 1931 in america, without even getting to the banker of hitler family.)

2) Such nazi banking cartel of wall street, is the one that brought hitler to power, in behalf of the satanic popes puppetmasters (let’s not forget that the SS were designed around the gesuits order, probably under input of the same satanic pope,) while at the same time, with corruption of a number of pigs that accepted the shit of the genocide pedophile vatican rogue apostasy, fascism itself, born as a socialist, atheist, and even masonic in some regards, popular movement, was hijacked by the popes satan into a dictatorship of church pigs and directed into a partnership with good catholic hitler into a disaster holy war of genocide, ‘conversion’ and physical suppression of all non kiss-ass of catholic-christian filth, best of the model that ‘confirms,’ the satanic vatican pedophiles state, genocide in croatia (180,000 victims of the shit-religion of the shit satanic popes, ‘even the nazi were disgusted,’ all said.)

3) And all this explains the reichskonkordat and the lateranian pacts and evolutions, (still in force, nazi agreements,) which ‘enslave perpetually’ germany and italy to be robbed legally forever, by the parasite filthy pedophiles genocide criminal rogue shit-state of the shit-vatican satanic apostate pigs.

In the mean time, nuerberg was just a farce, most of nazis were ‘saved’ by the vatican shit fake-religion satanist mafia racket, rat lines, and their ‘christian shit’ buddies in the US, about 10,000 genocides wanted for crimes against humanity and genocide, to be exact, got by the nazi-christian mafia of washington DC new names and new lifes, riproduced, and created today ‘under gott’ christian-nazi driven america, while at the same time a number of nazi families infiltrated the government, (see GOP nazi agenda,) and made a joke of the US constitution, walking over left and right the separation of power, and the separation of (filthy, genocide) church and state, with the constitution now ‘interpreted’ by a corrupted cabal at the service of catholic and christian nazi criminal leadership. In so, make a note, the US is the next victim of the pedophile genocide satanic papate.

4) With the strings of the lateranian pacts, and the ‘historic compromise’ of the vatican apostasy, with the marxists, pretty much today italy is a dictatorship of the pedophile catolicism racket of genocide mafia quackery.

That explains why 44% of economic activity in italy is controlled by a corrupted cato-marxist public sector, robbing the country under the table, to sponsor the vatican apostasy pedophile genocide mafia agenda. In so, the ‘catholic party’ is the ‘only party’ in italy, no law can be passed without their vote, all laws passed provide exclusive benefits to pedophile genocide mafioso catholicism, parties, just a joke, all take orders from the mafia of god octopus dei, a secret criminal international cartel, at the service of satan popes. (IOW, dictatorship of majority, eliminating, physically, all others, with all means.)

5) The majority of pedophile genocide catholics, is the one that describes itself as ‘merit able’ and ‘not negotiable’ (heard it before, from the grandson of hitler banker ?, NWO anybody ?,) and with the control of a corrupted banking system, corrupted politics and syndacate unions, corrupted education, and corrupted media, is destroying free enterprise, with the final hidden intent of ‘installing’ in italy a dictatorship of the papate (such as ante pavelic, pinochet, videla, and other genocides, also members of the mafia of god, octopus dei,) with the hidden purpose of racial and religious cleansing and another genocide.

Just like the good catholic boy adolph, under the satan pope, robbed the non-christian non-catholic conspiracy members in nazi germany, before sending them all to extermination camps, the italian puppet government of the pope satan, is destroying the free enterprise in italy, with the hidden purpose of eliminating all these people with the usual methods, and pursue it’s ‘new world order’ project of extermination of all non-catholics non-christians, IOW, the caliphate of christianity shit (explains NWO FEMA extermination camps in the US ?.)

So don’t be surprised, italy is the next croatia of ante pavelic, they ‘pretend’ to do something, but the outcome (unless some may cancel the vatican from the face of the planet) is already known.

Bankruptcies wreaking havoc on more Italian companies: Report

Only Hope For Italy is Bankruptcy

Or bombing the vatican, execute the clergy and their political, public, economic, banking, education, press friends, and flatten down all churches with bulldozers, give them back what their investment money gave the tzars, the world won’t miss those christian catholic paedophile robbers mafioso pigs parasites.

La ricchezza ha vinto: l’uguaglianza è morta

Well, there is an old say: ‘the ones who sacrifice freedom for security, don’t deserve neither,’ and the catholic racket that sacrificed ‘our’ freedom for their ‘plan’ of stupid religion pedophile genocide egemony, their ‘perverted’ ‘mafioso’ pseudo-morals of imbeciles, do not deserve our consideration, at the least as long as the shit-state of the vatican exists.

Religion and equality can not coexist, because equality is beyond good and evil, if you maintain the assumption of good and evil, you don’t have already equality, and if you mantain the assumption of good and evil quackery, you don’t have fraternity either, the good of one is the evil of another and vice versa.

The method of re-establishing fraternity, is to enforce rules of separation of powers, the religion corruption of authority, makes such attempt vane, unless the state prohibits by law participation of believers in religion quackeries, into the political process, ‘and’ into the resources allocation process. For instance, with a rule that a religion is ‘not’ a religion but instead is a ‘racket,’ (which in facts are, types of mafias,) if it owns any property, or if any of their members speak of political issues.

Such move takes ‘nothing’ from freedom of religion, they are ‘free’ to assemble in public spaces, and talk ‘between themselves’ of whatever they want, as long as we don’t have to hear those filthy pigs propaganda of brainwashing, our freedom would not be affected, and neither the governments freedom to implement equality and justice, without interference from the part of the mafia rackets of religious filth.


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