Victims found in mass graves in Ukraine lack internal organs

Victims found in mass graves in Ukraine lack internal organs


“On the outskirts of Donetsk, militia fighters discovered new mass graves of civilians … Noteworthy, the Facebook account of Yulia Tymoshenko’s former lawyer, Sergei Vlasenko, was hacked in July. His correspondence with German doctor Olga Wieber and commander of “Donbass” battalion of the National Guard, Semyon Semyonchenko, was exposed to the general public. In the correspondence, the sides discussed organ trafficking. … Thus, in one of the messages, Wieber wrote in detail, which organs were needed: “17 hearts, 50 kidneys, new livers – 35 pieces, 30 pancreases and 5 lungs.” Vlasenko responded with a promise to deliver all the organs. Vlasenko also wrote that Semenchenko should collect organs appropriately, not to deliver “bad quality” organs again. … The EU Nazis in collaboration whit their underdog albanians and the ZOG Washington did this to the Serbs, kidnapped them and then took then to a remote location in the Albaniaan mountains, where ghey murdered them and took their organs, which where then distributed to various countries in the nazi union. Google Yellow House Albania.”

There the nazis in ukraine, friends of the good christian nazis of the GOP, and the nazi evil popes of the vatican rogue satanic genocide state, back at their usual gigs.

And the american taxpayer finances with tax exemption christian and catholic genocide churches, and the nazi-christian genocide regime of kiev, hallelujah.


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