The Jews Of Iran, Quietly Defying All That’s Wrong In The Middle East

The Jews Of Iran, Quietly Defying All That’s Wrong In The Middle East


“After the 1979 revolution, Iran committed itself to protecting Judaism, but now the Iranian state sees only the Palestinian conflict. Friday prayer sermons in Tehran often end with the chorus “Margh bar Israel” — meaning “death to Israel.” The Jewish state reciprocates, with many Israeli newspapers often devoting lengthy analysis guessing when their leaders will bomb Iranian nuclear power stations. Even some U.S. newspaper investigations have concluded that the director of Mossad was probably behind the death of some Iranian nuclear scientists. “

Well, the problem as usual is unwillingness to compromise, issue typical of religions, and the fact that israel is becoming less and less atheist and more and more religiously fanatic, does not help, and the problem that Iran is seeking obsolete type of nuclear power with dual use does not help.

The unwillingness to create a palestinian state, which is motivated mostly by banking and religious monetary interests, is going to hurt Israel in the long range, as the myopic choice of Iran of chosing ‘old’ dual use nuclear technology is going to hurt iran and make it a target.

Now anyone reasonable ‘today,’ would not want to create in his home one of the potential 500 time bombs, all due to end like fukushima and chernobil, all due to be underwater at some point, a faulty pressurized water cooled nuclear plants design at sea level, conceived in the middle of the cold war, exclusivelly with the purpose of building nuclear bombs.

There are enough bombs on the planet, to destroy it 10,000 times, at some point, where we are directed with the ‘procreation and population bomb’ entire regions will disappear, if any fool may ever start a total war, and the way that would assure the international community of the good faith of Iran, today, would be, instead than building obsolete dual use nuclear, and creating a nuclear escalation in the region, could be as said, chosing ‘modern’ nuclear, thorium molten salts, that can not end like fukushima and chernobyl.

Thorium is not going to run out as uranium in the next decades, and most of all, is of no use to build bombs, but as advantage is at zero cost (actually they are paying the buyers to take it,) and with a thousand years of supply, this choice would really solve Iran energy problem, and peak oil problem, besides being a trading tool to help negotiate a palestinian state.

Could be a ‘reasonable’ solution, for the region, but the problem remains that too many benefit from war, and nobody knows if it would ever happen, however, a palestinian state and thorium reactors, would solve a good portion of the whole issue of coexistance, possibly together with a four way split of iraq, whereas each group has it’s own country, but again, the banking, religious, and petroleum world are the main opponents.


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