Rupert Murdoch doesn’t understand climate change basics, and that’s a problem

Rupert Murdoch doesn’t understand climate change basics, and that’s a problem


“The man whose media empire is the main source of global warming misinformation displays an awful misunderstanding of climate science in a Sky News interview … Inaccurate media coverage is in turn the primary reason why the public is so misinformed about global warming … the scenario of 1°C human-caused warming that Rupert Murdoch has called “the most alarmist” is in reality the best case scenario … the collapse of the Western Antarctic ice sheet is already underway and is unstoppable … our actions will dictate whether sea level rise will be measured in terms of inches or meters, with the difference in costs potentially being in the tens of billions of dollars or more per year … heat waves, droughts, floods, stronger hurricanes, associated impacts on agricultural productivity, a resulting increase in violent conflicts”

Well, they know better, but are just lying openly, because they fear that panic could take down their financial empires of cards. The vatican, architect of the ‘population bomb’ of unlimited procreation, is their client (and maybe stock investments partner,) the political area of murdoch, the neocons, is clearly connected with the monopolies of coal and petroleum, besides western psychopath usury religions, failed austrian deflationary economics, and quackery neocons media and dis-education.

To an observer with some critical skills, the name ‘Milanković’ should bring to mind that after a certain period of ‘gradual’ raise of waters, downage from the last severe glaciations, there is somewhere a tipping point in temperature, that creates a positive feedback loop, ‘up’ then crash, then ‘down,’ to make him a parallel he may understand well, in business, at a journalist asking him ‘how did he go bankrupt,’ hemingway answered: ‘slowly, then suddenly.’

The frog water may be raised one degree at the time, but when it reaches a certain thereshold related to pressure, the linearity of behavior disappears, and turbolence and exponentiality emerge, and a bit later, instead than a boiled frog, you have a burned pan and the dehydratated mummy of a frog, except that the pan is a planet such as mars, and the frogs, we may have not yet found the remains of, if there was ever a frog there.

Similarly, the ice melting a bit at the time raises of inches, but when a giant iceberg the size of qeensland detaches, within two years at the most, not only raises the waters (of meters,) but also changes the speed and the route of the conveyor belt, with somehow unpredictable, but somehow predictable really large changes of climate in the northern emisphere, (such as europe and half north america under ice,) he may want to ask his folks in australia, what they expect in the southern emisphere.

Greenland has always been used as a barometer of glaciation ages, and it is now clear that giant tunnels have been forming under the ice pack, and whenever those may collapse, those will also contribute to a raise of waters. The melting of the permafrost at high latitudes, is releasing methane, which for the purpose of greenhouse effects, is maybe ten times more damaging than CO2, wise reasoning would be at this point directed towards solutions to cool the planet, instead than keep warming it.

There is a doubt that humans may be able to change Milanković cycles, ‘however,’ if we as humans may decide to ‘trigger’ such effects ‘ahead’ of nature, counterciclically (at the opposite of what we are doing today with global warming,) chances are that we could as well ‘reduce’ the damages already made, or if not, at the least compensate for the damages made.

The only wrong option is to do nothing as usual, because the neocons and the churches have conflict of interest in their political, religious, and banking usury quackery.


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