Conservative school board revolution: Column

Conservative school board revolution: Column


“Conservative school board officials are quietly trying to rewrite history and social studies curriculum, erasing parts of history they don’t like and simply making up history they wish was true. … history curriculum that appears aimed at replacing education with old-fashioned, Soviet-style propaganda, except in this case in the support of capitalism and American conservatism, instead of communism. … textbooks that publishers wrote specifically to meet the state’s new social studies standards, which were written by a conservative state school board. What the review showed was that the books were not only slanted to the right, they were full of misinformation, some of it downright comical. … The intention of this Moses obsession is clear: To indoctrinate students into the idea that America is a Judeo-Christian nation based on the Bible. … comparing the Ten Commandments to the big ten of the American founding, the Bill of Rights. The First Commandment reads, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” The First Amendment, in contrast, reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” They’re not just different. They’re opposites. Moses commanded his followers to believe in God, but the Founders told their people to believe whatever they want. The misinformation in these books is a joke.”

Maybe hitler did not live that long, but is clear from history that prescot bush was fritz tyssen banker, and that thyssen was nazi germany and hitler, and the satan genocide pope pius the XII was the boss of all.

That explains why the GOP christian-nazi party at the service of the genocide popes of the vatican pedophiles state (which owns a good share of wall street,) and wall street christian mafia and world catholic nazi mafia, continue the nazi policy around the world, with the treason of the constitution and the american people.

The rest is all NWO plan, including FEMA extermination camps, be ready to be slaves of the nazis, people of america, they are imposing the shitchristian dictatorship of pedophile genocide christian pigs to everybody, what do they care of the constitution ? they walk all over it and the corrupted supreme court in their pockets, does absolutelly nothing to stop the pigs of god conspiracy takeover.

Explains the ‘mafia’ religion of idiocies, of the discredited quackery school of austrian economics ? Then revision is the ‘usual’ way ignorant psychopath christian pieces of shit and catholic pieces of shit, revision history, to brainwash people with their idiocies of mafia rackets, christianity and catholicism, just mafia, al capone an hobbyist compared to the shitty preachers and priests.

Those folks at the GOP and shit-christian shit-catholic mafias are not even ‘conservative,’ conserve means preserving, they preserve nothing besides their parasite racket, they have turned the planet into a giant garbage pit, conserve ? yah, my donkey, those idiots are nothing but just historical psychopath genocide thieves and pigs, god is their excuse to steal and to kill, and are just all kiss-asses of their buddies, genocide popes of the criminal state of the vatican.


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