Forget Peak Oil, We’re At Peak Everything

Forget Peak Oil, We’re At Peak Everything


“These threats are real and they do raise serious national security concerns … commodity that may soon hit its peak is food … we have long passed “peak fish” in the ocean … the conversion of corn to ethanol has been well documented for several years as a contributor to shortages and price spikes for that staple in many parts of the globe”

All known, but reality hard to acknowledge for an establishment corrupted and ignorant, such as education barons of quackeries, politics mobsters syndacate, media bitches kiss-ass of parasites as them, ‘serfs’ of the bloodsuckers of humanity, the vampire cabal of christian profetofagy usury and their high priest ignorant clowns, the charlatains economists, at the payroll of the usury genocide eugenic psychopatic banking cartel, both, religion and banking racket, the top of the octopus of planetary crime against humanity.


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