Phantom of Colonel Gaddafi haunts French ex-President Sarkozy

Phantom of Colonel Gaddafi haunts French ex-President Sarkozy


“Sarkozy, ex-President of France, came under the scope of the authorities during the investigation of the possible funding of his pre-election campaign by late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi … Sarkozy is mentally retarded, – said the Libyan leader. – It is only because of me that he became president. We gave him the money that allowed him to win”

Well, recalling the days of the demise of Gaddafi, this appears to be more of a ‘vendetta’ for the french contribution to the physical elimination. Gaddafi must have had a lot of friends in the west, considering that he was a genocide pedophile rapist, a parallel may be seen with christian churches, considering his terror reign, a parallel can be seen with Pinochet, Videla, Mussolini, Hitler, Saddam, all ‘friends’ of wall street Nazi christian banking mafia, related somehow to the pedophile genocidal usury robber rogue state of mafia crimes, the Vatican and it’s thugs, the octopus dei criminal racket.

It may explain why France did not bomb Libya after the UTA air crash, or why Reagan was ‘just’ pretending to do something at the times of pan-am 103, Gaddafi terrorism was sponsored by ‘somebody in the west’ higher than Reagan and Mitterrand, with ‘leverage’ over the us government and the french government, and Nazi connections, something related to those guys here, some banking with closed ties to Nazi genocides and the usual satanic pedophile state of the Vatican ?.

This explains the ‘vendetta case,’ maybe same ‘architects’ than berlusconi and maybe Strauss khan ?, ‘new world order’ work ?, bilderberg usury masters ?, octopus dei or cunts of Columbus Nazi Christians pedophiles ?, who else ?, pedophile genocide Vatican ?, ‘seven sisters’ ?. In a (western, eugenic, predatory, christian, parasite, mafioso,) system where corruption is ‘the norm,’ only idiots can accept the ‘official explanation,’ there is surely more to it.


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