Would You Go Back to an Apple II? These Kids Weigh In

Would You Go Back to an Apple II? These Kids Weigh In

(from cio.ittoolbox.com)

“some kids were intrigued by and even liked the old Apple II. Were your reactions to your first computer like this? Have you worked on an Apple II or other early modeled PC? Would you go back to it?”

We may have no choice for specific applications, (such as offline generation of miles long symmetric keys,) those systems are the only potentially ‘uncontaminated’ ones under difficulty level to network them, difficulty level to bug them (rewriting roms is more complex than snooping in trough backdoors,) et cetera, obviously some programming required.

And yes, yes and yes for keys generation and other delicate critical applications. Unfortunately decision makers have thrown away all those systems, so it is a quite complex issue, in an age in which manufacturers are not worth trusting any longer, to reestablish a clean uncontaminated chain of custody, every ring of the chain has been corrupted by agendas that were not so powerful at the time, read religion and usury-economics lobbies.


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