Sixty percent of our taxes goes to the Vatican

Sixty percent of our taxes goes to the Vatican


“Though there are 43,000 transnational corporations holding shares on the capital markets, the mathematicians discovered a super secret entity, composed primarily of bankers such as Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. Though listed as separate entities, these banks are really one bank and it is they who own the US Federal Reserve system. According to Hude, they also have seized control of 60 percent of the annual earnings of capital markets and 40 percent of the value of these companies.”

Here is the nazi project, now ‘clear,’ ‘the new world order,’ explains the grandson of hitler banker US president for 8 years ? and what about the vatican rat lines to take 10,000 nazis war criminals to the US ?, and what about the names, let’s look at them a second:

Citibank points to the rockefeller, at least one known as ‘new world order’ supporter
Bank of America points to the giannini, name placeholders for the vatican
Goldman Sachs, they stated it, are ‘in a mission for god,’ obviously NWO
Deutsche Bank there was a suspect, given the current conspiracy to break europe apart

Well, we are f..d, the banking nazi conspiracy of the filthy christian genocide pedophiles is going to exterminate us in the grandson of hitler banker fema concentration camps, hallelujah.

There is no other explanation than a trilateral agreement between germany, the us and the vatican, (there could be a fourth partner, not yet identified clearly,) to impose nazism on planetary scale, ‘and’ such agreement is what created the bolshevist revolution of 1917, the genocide in the us of the dust bowl, the vatican genocide in croatia and the holocaust.

Unless an anonymous 500 megatons delivery makes the vatican disappear from the face of the earth.


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