Innovation will not save Russia’s economy

Innovation will not save Russia’s economy


“Everywhere in the world the main indicator is growth. Any normal national government is struggling for economic growth because it means development and progress, and we are so far behind the developed countries. But our economists said: “No, we need to create institutions … innovation that today is the main driver of the economies of advanced countries … If our economy is stagnating, if our businesses cannot pay wages, how can they buy these innovations, how can they implement them? … in the global economy the one who first thinks of something gets the advantage … we need to focus on the industrial and manufacturing sector … the added value is created in the real sector … retail sector is developing, the banking sector is developing, same with financial services and oil and gas”

Well, the picture is much more complex but the real picture would not benefit the ‘marxist capitalist’ approach of former communist countries looking into solutions to fix the disasters of communism. And the solution is not capitalism either, when intended as monetary, planned obsolescence, depletion and nature raping ‘growth’ besides parasite usury speculative capitalism, which is the picture of the west, that is why the west is in deep troubles, adopting a failed obsolete retrograde method, such as ‘monetary capitalism’ godly filth, is not the smartest thing to do today.

In such pictures, the whole category of ‘politicians,’ turns out to be a band of crooks at the service of usury banking and financial parasitism, clerical mafioso retrograde domination, ‘interests’ of predation of people trough predation of nature, not a solution, just a fraud, post communism and capitalism, two rigged idiotic methods to finance castes of parasites in the usury world of banking mafia rackets, at the end.

You, as we in the west, have too many useless laws, to protect bigotry idiocies, such as religion filthy ‘morals,’ bullshit, you are paying politicians to waste air on gays ? that is a problem of religion mafia, not of a government, send your politicians to work, instead than foraging them to spit idiocies to please churches mafias, you, as we in the west, have too many useless politicians, who depend for their power upon their puppet masters, the usury banksters, the financial services vampires, the economics vultures clowns, the high priests charlatans of a non scientific, false, robbery oriented religion quackery, AKA ‘economics.’

Institutions ? What good are ‘institutions’ if not for milking the people ? The big names of science and history made progress for humanity, ‘institutions’ have only and ever, sucked the blood of humanity producing nothing, in name of alleged non existent ‘merits.’ Growth ? where do you want to ‘grow’ to when the whole planet is running out of practically everything, thanks to the foolish over-reproduction preached the same by the ‘mother heroes’ communist idiocies, and the ‘multiply yourself’ idiocy of religion.

The solution is under your nose, abolish the term ‘politician,’ AKA corrupted middle man for banking usury and clerical interests, abolish the term ‘clergy’ propaganda of enslavement idiocies of abusive clowns (like rasputin,) abolish the terms ‘conomist,’ ‘financier,’ ‘banker,’ all miserable bloodsuckers parasites, that live of vampirism of the people blood, abolish usury and currency and its false prophets, and run a new system on ‘energy,’ energy is the currency of the universe.

Before you get to ‘real’ production, you need right ‘assumptions,’ which the falsities idiocies of politics, religions, economics, finance, banking ‘are not,’ first you get the ‘real’ people, engineers, surgeons, chemists, physics to run the show, replacing the clowns, ‘then’ you study ‘real’ growth (which is equivalent to energy efficiency growth, for the honest science,) not the bullshit of consuming growth. False growth’ based on false premises, such as usury, rigged currency, economic predation, religious and political parasitism, does not count for ‘historical progress,’ is just a rigged accounting entry of a rigged dysfunctional system, due to collapse every time (see 1929 and 2006-2007.)


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