Unprecedented Interruption of Supreme Court Proceedings

Unprecedented Interruption of Supreme Court Proceedings

(from occupy.com)

“Kai Newkirk’s arrest illustrated exactly how much the original concept of democracy has been perverted in today’s United States. A corporation can donate an unlimited amount of money to a Super PAC and flood public airwaves with deliberately dishonest attack ads under the guise of “free speech,” but citizens nonviolently exercising those same rights are immediately handcuffed and thrown in jail.”

LOL, I may start believing corporations are people when they may execute one in texas, or maybe condemn one to pay alimonies to all the former people who worked for one, or what about when the corporation rackets of wall street, the banksters cartel, may be called to refund the 30 years of planetary gross product, and the 25 times the whole world gold, they have sold in junk paper to citizens now not protected any longer by their constitution ?.


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