Apple’s reputation for software security a ‘myth’: expert

Apple’s reputation for software security a ‘myth’: expert


“Tech watchers say this bug — which Apple quietly announced on Friday — illustrates that the company’s reputation for strong security may be overstated. … the truth is that Apple operates within the same bounds as every other software provider, so they’re just as likely to have security vulnerabilities as anybody else … Johannes Ullrich, dean of research for the Internet Storm Center, which monitors online threats, goes even further: he calls Apple’s security reputation “a myth.””

Open software reacts way faster than proprietary, it is known a time, few years ago, OSX was behind 650 vulnerabilities for close to two years, it can not be excluded some other agendas may be behind the vulnerabilities, and generally speaking telephones, wifi gadgets, and tablets are just plain garbage hardware, does not matter what provider or software you may run on them, they are vulnerable by design because the all wireless market is a gigantic security hole.

Consumers wireless and cellular telephony, are the modern concept of viruses and Trojans, scums enabled by garbage technology, not finalized to productivity, but only finalized to espionage, sabotage and surveillance, USB and pen drives, same garbage technology, more of it, no hardware built after 1998 is immune by espionage, surveillance, and sabotage agendas, and they get worse at each generation, see vpro, tpm, et cetera.

The whole chitty chat about DRM was and is about sabotage, espionage, surveillance, and legalized theft and resale of private (theoretically protected, but in fact not,) personal information, and industrial espionage in world scale, besides ‘plausible denial’ sabotage of dissidents and competitors.


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