Limits to Growth–At our doorstep, but not recognized

Limits to Growth–At our doorstep, but not recognized


“With too many demands on oil supply, “economic growth” is what tends to get shorted. … the problem this appears eventually to lead to, is collapse … effectively borrowing from the future–something that is a lot easier when tomorrow is assumed to be better than today, compared to when tomorrow is worse than today … If we give up our debt-based economic system, we lose our ability to extract even the oil and other resources that appear to be easily available … If a deflationary debt cycle is started, there could be a huge drop in debt over a few years. This would be a different way to reach collapse. … Most people, if they have a background in oil issues, do not also have a background in financial issues, and vice versa … Economists have missed key points … Corporate profits are not a substitute for wages. … Peak Oil advocates have missed key points … Even Hubbert did not claim this–his charts always showed another fuel, such as nuclear, rising in great quantity before fossil fuels dropped in supply. … Excessive faith in substitution … Excessive faith in Energy Return on Energy Investment (EROI) or Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) analyses … Governments are in denial that Limits to Growth, or even oil supply, might be a problem. Governments rely on economists who seem to be clueless regarding what is happening … Individual citizens are easily misled by news stories claiming an abundance of oil … Unwillingness to believe the original Limits to Growth models … little interest in researching and telling the true story”

Best review I have seen in years, “intellectually honest” and not affected by the dogmas of idiotic unlimited reproduction (most of) religions agenda, as well as idiotic “monetary efficiency” and “perpetual growth” agendas of (most of) economists and (most of) economic schools, financial speculators and bank racketeers.

Now my only objection is that EROI, LCCA and EVT (energy value theory,) are the only basic concepts that may help to get the masses to “understand” the problems we are facing, in global, regional and local scale, besides eventually trying to persuade fanatics that the dogma of rigged ‘monetary efficiency’ without collapse is a quackery, the dogma of ‘unlimited procreation’ without collapse is a quackery, the dogma of ‘perpetual substitution’ and ‘perpetual growth’ without collapse is a quackery.

If there is anything else besides EROI, LCCA and EVT we should focus on, besides technocracy replacing the voodoo pastors of the church of the quackery of economics, corrupted politics and predatory usury, with actually competent people of the specific interdisciplinary field, any suggestion is welcome. It is obvious that ‘unlimited procreation’ has caused the problem, now the only solution, given the resistance of controlling birth by the various religious and economic mafias, what could be ? Maybe we should start with economists, banksters, politicians and preachers, having hearth surgery performed by their fellow economists, banksters, politicians and preachers ?, so that they experience on their skin their quackeries ?.


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