Dong Energy Deal Has Danish Government on the Brink of Collapse

Dong Energy Deal Has Danish Government on the Brink of Collapse


“Denmark has a largely state-owned company called Dong Energy (which evidently is not a funny name in Danish) that its center-left government wants to partially sell to Goldman Sachs”

Nice name, OTOH we have a congressman in the south, named James Bong, who knows, he probably did not change name yet because is expecting his brand name to raise in value in a few years, with pot liberalization, the same, dong energy may be a very profitable brand name in the commonwealth for sex shops and producers of energizer drinks, hefner and red bull may be interested in a deal.

On the other side, Godman sucks in a battle for god is not really known for best deals with governments, beware Greeks bearing gifts, but fits the naming ;-). Other than that, splitting the risk of new green technologies with private business, may not be a bad idea, as long as the national interests are preserved, in so, why not ?.

Maybe the porn company of the vatican in germany, may be interested in buying the rights to the title for a movie, ‘Godman sucks dong energy in a battle for god,’ sounds like a winner.


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