Energy Conference: World “Sleepwalking” into Crisis.

Energy Conference: World “Sleepwalking” into Crisis.


“financial, political and military officials organized out of Washington and London last month agreed that a full-blown global energy crisis could erupt as early as 2016 … IEA numbers show that since 2000, the global oil industry has increased its investment in production by 200-300 per cent, but has managed to increase production only by 12 per cent — in 14 years … the fracking boom in the United States, touted as a petroleum renaissance and a road to energy independence, will play out in another two years, returning the US and the world to the inevitability of rising prices, declining supplies and an eventual crash … “You’ve got to remember that for the military, it doesn’t matter what you want to do. What matters is what you can do, and it’s our top priority to make sure we understand potential limits to our operational capability.” … Is it possible the military understands what the politicians deny and the media ignore?”

There we are, makes perfect sense and are the exact same conclusions we reached independently, the obvious consequence is that the banking usury cabal is extending as much as possible for purpose of predation, the traditional failed economic voodoo dogma, due to crash very soon, with all the fake fraudulent money system skims of the planet going with it. The current ‘intelligentsia’ pretends nothing happened while is stealing as much as possible from the countries, because ‘they know,’ IOW, ‘treason.’

‘Monetary efficiency’ is totally inefficient, is a stone age crooks dogma, with usury sold by crooks such as Christianity and economics, for the sole purpose of fraud, predation, and ultimately genocide, the currency of the universe is energy, praise the lord petroleum, with the world crash of the monetary systems, nobody will believe any longer the scumbags of religions, political and economic frauds, based on vultures mafioso extortion of fake ‘value’ designed to allow them parasitic predominance.

Build your small artisans shops, store foods, weapons, fuels, underground, now, you will need them in the ‘western springs,’ when the shelves of the food stores will be empty, when the oil tankers will cease to travel, it will be the second American revolution here, but in Europe and the BRICKs will start earlier, as close as 2020, hallelujah.


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