Isolated in Brussels: Merkel Clashes with EU Commission

Isolated in Brussels: Merkel Clashes with EU Commission


“German must be put on equal terms … Germany’s national interest … the end for the so-called “Monnet Method … since the 1950s this has meant: first coal and steel, then agriculture, the large internal market for goods and services, the euro, powers in domestic and judicial policy, social issues, foreign affairs and preferably a common military … the Commission against Germany’s renewable law — the German Energies Act (EEG) — on the grounds it breaches EU competition … government subsidies for many German regional airports … ‘olive oil jugs'”

Well, the first disgrace of the EU is the Euro, modeled after the Sumerian usury masters mighty dollar, a currency for crooks printed in house by a federal agency not much more federal then federal express, and if that myopic idiotic choice (the paper fractional banking Mafiosos currency,) was not enough, a currency method which reflects the voodoo concept of ‘value’ of idiotic high priests of the economic quackery, another religion of scumbags, instead than thermodynamics and energy value, IOW the Euro turned out to be one of the many currencies designed by stone age men, that fill pockets of the same genocide Christian filthy banksters cabals of parasites, who caused two world wars to collect their usury skim, and make a buck.

If the planet does not move to an energy currency, we are going into a world war within 20 years, which will probably wipe out half of humans, and after that there will be left only Einstein sticks and stones, and Mountbatten bows and arrows, all this because filthy Christian pigs unlimited procreation is not negotiable and usury puppets and charlatans currency banksters mafia vultures predators are ‘meritable,’ maybe of a good hang.

The problem of politicians is that have no ideas, or worse, their head is always facing backwards, they could not see opportunities even if they would collide with their forehead, or better, they are most likely accomplices of the scumbags, usury masters and religions, the worse filth of humanity, for voting exchange, IOW, legalized corruption.

That’s how Europe looks to the useless and pays no attention to the useful, which is the alternative, instead than preserving the usual mafia racket of banking and religion genocide pigs war mongers, alternatives such as:

1) Forced sterilization for everybody after the first child to contain the population bomb and go into ‘negative’ demographic growth
2) Elimination of unemployment trough 20 hours week, eventually a maximum of 10 hours overtime
3) Prohibition (for now,) of non-hybrid cars, all endothermic only vehicles going to the junkyard, period, to become in ten years complete prohibition of street transport based on any fuels, ten years given the time to produce on massive scale safe nuclear, AKA SMR MSR, possibly running on thorium, after finishing cleaning up all the rest of garbage produced by the nuclear age.
4) All non-manual jobs on telecommuting (has been calculated in Canada, that 50% of a nation can work on telecommuting)
5) End of long distance trucking, revoke all licenses, only trains and barges for long distance service
6) End of all small stores licenses, (in terms of general merchandise,) logistic delivery in the style amazon, ebay, walmart and many others, incentives for logistic delivery of foods shopping as well

With the six points above, the efficiency (of physics, let’s forget the crooks ‘money efficiency’ inefficient skim,) again the efficiency of a nation increases about 20% to 25%, and in the next step, with ‘energy value accounting’ AKA a currency based on energy, possibly it may increase even more.

The old crap, the rhetoric of the political cretins, is not going to cut it, either Europe members (as well as the US,) decide to go into the next level of civilization, or with the Christian mafia and the usury banking mafia in charge, will go both back to the stone age, where the sumerian corrupted usury monetary skim and the start of the age of farming hunter gatherers religions quackeries were born.


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