Pacific Ocean ‘dead zone’ in Northwest may be irreversible

Pacific Ocean ‘dead zone’ in Northwest may be irreversible


“An oxygen-depleted “dead zone” the size of New Jersey is starving sea life off the coast of Oregon and Washington and will probably appear there each summer as a result of climate change, an Oregon State University researcher said Thursday.”

Well, it could be as well, what has happened in the west coast, also mentioning the high losses of pollinators, indicates we are doing something wrong, and possibly beside the weather issue, there may be relations with fukushima effects of the last three years of irradiation and plumes, relations with OGMs and nicotinoids, relations with excessive use of antibiotics/drugs in the food chain, relations with toxic pollution, all this garbage exiting the rivers on the west coast, et cetera.

Certainly, the Chinese ban on sea products from US/Canada west coast, is not great news, since the sector is already depressed and economically close to collapse.


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