Capitalism’s March toward Global Collapse

Capitalism’s March toward Global Collapse


“Every newborn receives a credit of 500 kilowatt hours of electricity, allowing him or her to revel from the start in a world where everything, especially energy, will always be available in abundance. These babies may later find they’re in for a surprise … climate change has been definitively removed from the global policy agenda … To put it another way: The primacy of economics has prevailed”

Well, nothing new, economics is the religion of the scumbags, no surprise the usury pigs and the godly pigs are perpetually accomplices in the blood-spills.

The same banksters of unlimited garbage creation trough unlimited usury and predation, and the same religions of unlimited procreation for the purpose of holy genocides and holy wars, are now as usual the ‘architects’ preparing for the next holocaust, the holocaust of the poor, the quackery rotates, the inquisition was the blood-spill of the predatory racist christo pig, wall street nazism was the blood-spill for the predatory racist christo pig, and now we have the final cleptocide for the racist banking christo mafia resource predation pigs.

Three little pigs, religion, race, resources, the holy trinity of genocide, and their architects, the psychopaths usury masters and the christos quackery masters, IOW, ‘the money masters’ of the currency fraud that produces the filthy bastards power, with the support of the racist populism of the subhumans trash, hallelujah.

Genocide is the plan, better holy kleptocide and meritable genocide, extinction will be the final result, just a matter of choice among the pyramids of hitler and wall street, or pol pot and wall street, or the antichrist of rome vatican and wall street, chose one or all three, religions and wall street christo mafia are all three.

And why would the beneficiaries of the crumbs of this game have fear of global nuclear war ? It is a more dignifying end than become feed for the satanic christian nazi bolshevist mafia usury wall street project, with their never ending logic of exploitation and enslavement, so some good spirit out there, let’s start the fireworks with incinerating the centers of the cancer, the money changers genocide racket and the temple of the satanic genocide vampires.

Maybe three to ten thousand people may survive total nuclear war, maybe not, the truth will finally render humans free, with a rapid extinction, instead than long painful death, IOW the time for Camus ‘collective suicide,’ is now.


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