2 degrees hotter not an acceptable climate target but a disaster, say leading scientists

2 degrees hotter not an acceptable climate target but a disaster, say leading scientists

(from climatecodered.org)

“Countries round the world have pledged to try and limit the average global temperature rise to 2°C above pre-industrial figures. That’s way too high and would threaten major dislocations for civilization say a group of prominent scientists. … 2°C higher than the average for most of human history – “would have consequences that can be described as disastrous” … “sea level rise of several meters could be expected” … the Holocene climate that has existed for more than 10,000 years since the end of the Ice Age, the beginnings of agriculture and the first settlement of the cities … warming of 2°C, could cause “major dislocations for civilization.” … the release of frozen reserves of methane and carbon dioxide in the permafrost, and the melting of polar ice into the oceans … the stark reality is that global emissions have accelerated, and new efforts are underway to massively expand fossil fuel extractions by drilling to increasing ocean depths and into the Arctic, squeezing oil from tar sands and tar shale, hydro-fracking to expand extraction of natural gas, developing exploitation of methane hydrates and mining of coal via mountain-top removal and mechanised long wall-mining”

Well, it is trivial to acknowledge that melting of Greenland and southern pole, will raise oceans levels, it is obvious that melting of permafrost releases more gas in the atmosphere increasing greenhouse effect in measure of ten times more severe than burning the same gas.

But unfortunately the corruption of economics seeking ‘perpetual growth’ in a finite system, to justify it’s forever expanding monetary racket of usury and predation, and the corruption of religions seeking ‘perpetual unlimited procreation’ in a finite system with scarce resources, are ‘not negotiable’ in their quackery fraud.

In so the options are:

1) Predatory holy wars and genocides, to suppress the ‘others’ and save the religious usury rabbit style holy reproducing pigs, in so given modern weapons, taking the risk of going back to the stone age or becoming extinct in the process.

2) Installing a technocratic system, which would expel from governance, and classify as quackery, decision making on base of consent (politics) versus science (proved, repeatable, objective,) predatory social ranking systems (economics) versus objective allotment science (logistics,) and quackery frauds of unlimited breading for predation and holy murder and genocide (religions) versus planned reproduction.

3) Keeping ignoring the problem, and kicking the can to the next generation, ending up into a mass scale planetary extinction, before the end of the century.

The later option seems the most likely to occur, because the human chimp is generally more attracted by shiny objects and short sighted alpha pack logic, than critical thinking, and since none of us now part of the current population, is skilled and genetically fit to live with the eagles in caves at the top of glaciers, we can only hope that some of todays children may from one side come out naturally strong against elements, and from the other pursue further interest and passion for life and survival in the wild.

Many of our generations have hardly nothing to teach to those with vocation to extreme survival, but some of us do, in so we possibly have a greater goal than persuading generations of idiots that their economic quackery, their religious quackery, and their political and social quackeries are pure useless garbage at this stage of civilization decline, and such goal is the last one on the scale of collapses, the preservation of ‘culture,’ the real one, not the quackery of the rockefeller and carnegie corrupted educational model, fit for Chaplin style ‘modern times’ slaves.

The human species survived after the great cold of Tioba, 75K years ago, not too many, just anywhere from three thousand to ten thousand, the challenge now is locating and training enough of those young, today small children, to give a chance to them and the human species, not to go extinct. For us, we are all dead, we know it.


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