Honeybees on the Verge of Extinction

Honeybees on the Verge of Extinction

(from huffingtonpost.com)

“EPA acted with fury. It forced the scientist out of his laboratory and into paper pushing in Washington. Approval of the industry’s neurotoxins expanded to cover most major crops. This meant honeybees had less and less space to search for food without dying”

Well, apparently the founding fathers were too ignorant to understand that organized criminal cabals (such as the over-breeding Christian mafia and wall street usury and mass extermination predation,) could in the facts ‘destroy’ the country ecosystem supporting life itself.

Now all it remains to possibly act upon, could be a 28th amendment of the constitution, identifying such behaviors as crimes against the ecosystem comparable to treason (article 3 title 3,) in order to steer out the consequences of the extinction to make a buck caused by the irresponsibility of wall street and religious cabals, and prevent condemning the US to disappearance within the current century.


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