NSA files – live coverage of all developments and reaction

NSA files – live coverage of all developments and reaction

(from theguardian.com)

“restore trust to the relationship between the US and Europe … storing vast amounts of encrypted consumer data”

Well, what is not even addressed is the corruption “in the design” of hardware and software, one good indication, large companies design “their own” systems, and do not rely neither in commercial hardware (where all the intel compatible is now completely unusable for any critical applications due to the multiple TPM, VPRO, UEFI, TXT, et cetera, back-doors created with the DRM and pseudo-security excuses,) nor software (where all the consumers systems are known infested by the same issues.)

Even if the NSA would stop recording large data of communications, the current commercial hardware and software is remote controlled pure junk, designed to speculate from the part of the producers on industrial intelligence skims, if not on corrupting all together national security itself.

Time to abandon the COTS world, they have proved to be a racket of scumbags, time to go back to complete incompatibility of hardware, and porting of completely free and open software, to cut out the ‘intentional’ ‘sabotage’ of both industries rackets, at the service of the usual ‘new world order’ christo mafia wall street usury cabal.


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