Tampa, Florida: Homeless People Thrown in Jail For…Sleeping?

Tampa, Florida: Homeless People Thrown in Jail for…Sleeping? Mass incarceration: the answer to all our problems.

(from alternet.org)

“Last week, the city council passed two ordinances that ban panhandling in much of the city and allow police to arrest people for sleeping or storing their stuff in public spaces. Courts have previously ruled that public behaviors people must engage in to stay alive, like sleeping and eating, cannot be banned without ensuring the resources that provide them with alternatives, but the council did not increase funding for shelters or transitional housing, as Think Progress points out”

We are reaching complete dementia in the name of corporation profits of prison country. At 100$ plus per day, it would be cheaper to get those folks a cheap motel room for 35$ each or 45$ per couple, plus a 10$ per day meal. All this in a nation with 45 empty houses per homeless (without even counting condos, apartments and studios,) hallelujah.

The other nonsense, the chronic ill, could be kept at home, with a nurse aide, for 300$ per day, but obviously it is not an option, more convenient for corporation nation, to milk the system at 3650$ per day in hospitals, further nonsense, hallelujah.


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