The Fracked-up USA Shale Gas Bubble

The Fracked-up USA Shale Gas Bubble


“There’s only one thing wrong with all the predictions of a revitalized United States energy superpower flooding the world with its shale oil and shale gas. It’s based on a bubble, on hype from the usual Wall Street spin doctors. In reality it is becoming increasingly clear that the shale revolution is a short-term flash in the energy pan, a new Ponzi fraud, carefully built with the aid of the same Wall Street banks and their “market analyst” friends, many of whom brought us the 2000 “” bubble and, more spectacularly, the 2002-2007 US real estate securitization bubble.[6] A more careful look at the actual performance of the shale revolution and its true costs is instructive.”

“The whole wall street’ is a Ponzi scheme, Maddof was a hobbyist compared to the christo-nazi banksters, watch for the new legalized robbery, and the usual taxpayers rescue, the usury christo mafia has no shame any longer, we are at the law of the jungle of the NWO planetary skim, legalized extortion with god blessings, even the mafia is more intellectually honest.


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