Urban Legend Or Gruesome Reality? Immigrants And Human Organ Trafficking

Urban Legend Or Gruesome Reality? Immigrants And Human Organ Trafficking

(from lastampa.it)

“the truth is not so far off. “Wherever there is despair, there are organ traffickers.” And if these shady figures aren’t on the boats themselves, there are people who threaten kidnapping or offer deals to those who can’t pay”

Wherever medicine becomes a matter of usury and monetary predation, the risk is very high. As it is not surprising criminal behavior by governments castes, so it is criminal behavior by commercial predation medicine.

There would be a need of a treaty, to make the practice a crime against humanity, since many times countries which allow such situations are also rogue countries where crimes against humanity are the norm, often with the benediction of government and cultures as rogue, and as predatory.

Would it be justified to attack and annihilate a country who practices such commerces ? I would say yes, I would in conscience give the order to fire, if it was my call. The many who are saved are worth more of the few who profit from such shame, especially considering that the free exchange would not alter significantly the situation, as per the case of blood.


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