Green Energy Push Replaces Native Prairies With Corn As Ethanol Industry Turns Profitable

Green Energy Push Replaces Native Prairies With Corn As Ethanol Industry Turns Profitable


“It’s great to see farmers making money. It hasn’t always been that way, said Craig Cox of the Environmental Working Group. He advocates for clean energy but opposes the ethanol mandate. If we’re going to push the land this hard, we really need to intensify conservation in lockstep with production, and that’s just not happening, he said.”

Well, we are doomed, when letting people around the world die of starvation, becomes second to the interests of Nazi mafia wall street banksters, and their accomplices, the Nazi Christian extortion religion racket of the “population bomb,” the oil companies and Detroit gas guzzlers gigs of freeways to nowhere, and cul the sac in the mc mansion real estate and banksters usury fraud bubble business of suburbia, the future is grim.

OTOH war and usury is profitable, the mean to achieve it is the religious quackery, the ‘population bomb’ of irresponsible procreation, and the economic quackery of ‘monetary efficiency’ predatory usury extortion, of the rigged money those two categories of bastards own the printing presses for, the money changers in the temple and the architects of evil (religions,) want more blood spills as sacrifices to their evil cult of usury and genocide. Usury and religions drip blood of genocide, their Christian god is satanic in nature.


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