Prince Charles accuses supermarkets of putting squeeze on farmers

Prince Charles accuses supermarkets of putting squeeze on farmers


“farmers were forced to act as a “buffer” by shouldering all the risk in times of crisis while supermarket shareholders “do so much better out of the deal” … the countryside is “the unacknowledged backbone of our national identity” … farming was a way of life and most farmers accept that they will never earn what they could doing other jobs … This does not mean they should be penalized … small and medium-sized farms, and not just in the uplands, cannot afford to make crucial long-term reinvestment, and I fear this will create huge problems in the near future, especially in the dairy sector.” … nutrients must be allowed to return to the soil naturally, through crop rotation … criticised wholesalers for the amount of food they waste. A recent UN report suggested that 40 per cent of food in developed countries is wasted … my reasons are rooted in hard-nosed science and face the future … the characteristics in their genes could be crucial to our ability to farm sustainably”

All logical, a possible remedy could be reaching some sort of an agreement, whereas the local products could be sold in each local market, in order to give a better margin to the producers, eliminate waste, save precious energy on transport costs, and preserve diversity, while the supermarkets possibly should just concentrate on non-local foods or the resale of the local surplus, however there may be the need of some creative re-engineering of the food supply chain.

Definitively a worth effort into the future, since the whole intensive agriculture petroleum based gig at the base of the large distribution chains, may most logically have to deal with known issues, because of the many challenges incoming in the next four decades.


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