Japan’s ex-PM Koizumi urges Abe to abandon nuclear power

Japan’s ex-PM Koizumi urges Abe to abandon nuclear power

(from reuters.com)

“Nuclear power has been contentious since a power plant in the Fukushima region north of Tokyo was hit by a big earthquake and tsunami in 2011, triggering explosions, meltdowns and the world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl … ‘If the LDP decided on abandoning nuclear power, all the parties would be for the policy as the opposition is already supporting it,’ Koizumi told a news conference … ‘What a magnificent and fantastic project it would be'”

Well, here is the situation:

1) Safe nuclear ‘existed’ at the times of Oak Ridge, was the ‘molten salt reactor’ (MSR)

2) The technology was not continued because all wanted ‘the bomb’

3) In the process the world is stuck with depleted materials that cost more to preserve than the whole nuclear age gains

4) Wall street and the other usury cabals alike, had all the interest over construction of huge projects which would be all prototypes, built and approved one by one, the results, costs overruns everywhere

5) Small modular reactors (SMR) built in industrial scale, would have been the ‘rational solution’ if it was not that wall street (and other energy players) had ‘profit’ in over-billing the taxpayers

6) Nuclear companies could have implemented SMR MSR based on thorium (not at peak as uranium,) if it was not that wall street (and other energy players) had ‘profit’ in milking the taxpayers reselling their old technology, the same that has caused and will cause more and more disasters, forever, until the final accident that will take out the entire human civilization, if we continue with BAU, inevitable

7) Renewable have proved to be a complete failure under the profile of sustained grid demand, costs over-runs, and life cycle expectations, ‘they are the future’ but it will take who knows how long before all the issues (including companies going bankrupt as flies for underestimating capacity, demand, and life cycle length,) are solved

8) There is no alternative (TINA) to nuclear as bridge out of the traditional fuels era, ‘but’ current nuclear technology will lead to ‘human extinction’ ‘and’ it may do so ‘very soon’

9) Current nuclear plants can not survive 60 meters of raise of oceans (‘possible’ at any time from now to before 2070,) if they need to be rebuilt may as well building them in safe locations ‘with the thorium technology’

10) Current nuclear plants ‘can not’ survive modern buster bunker bombs (BBB,) ‘any’ nation, ‘even group,’ with sufficient funding and ‘without nuclear capability’ can cause a ‘nuclear holocaust,’ if today ‘faulty design nuclear plants’ need to be rebuilt ‘not to’ be self-destruction targets, thorium SMR MSR hiding in caves under mountains, at high altitude over MSL, is the best choice

11) ‘Many’ nations now have a problem, since the weapon that may wipe them out, ‘is already there’ ‘and’ those countries include Japan, Europe, Israel, India, and North America as well, ‘additionally’ the middle eastern Arabic countries perfectly know that without nuclear, after the end of oil, they ‘will’ go back to the stone age, if they won’t find alternatives on time

The thorium MSR SMR ‘is’ the alternative, if renewable will be more convenient, fine, at the worse we may have double capacity, not a sin, ‘but’ in the mean time we would have eliminated the ‘fact’ of having become ‘a target,’ ‘and’ if renewable won’t make it, then we have a ‘survival plan’ before end of civilization, but we must move, ‘for yesterday,’ to get those MSR SMR thorium reactors on the market, and replace the unsafe junk, ‘now.’

This is probably the correct path to run current reactors with thourium MOX, from now to when thorium MSR SMR will be ready at 500M MSL 500M under mountains.


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