The Plot Against France

The Plot Against France


“On Friday Standard & Poor’s, the bond-rating agency, downgraded France. The move made headlines, with many reports suggesting that France is in crisis. But markets yawned: French borrowing costs, which are near historic lows, barely budged.”

Well, that is exactly the story. Rating agencies are corrupted puppets of finance usury speculation interests, as much as politics and governments, and are right at the top of the racket, following always banksters usury and predatory interests, in their NWO ‘plan,’ or better, ‘conspiracy,’ to dismantle sovereignty of national states, all of them, US included.

If the rating agencies were not a racket of corrupted pigs themselves, in no way the US economy would have collapsed in 2006, rating agencies should be ‘ignored’ at the best, if not persecuted under the RICO act for the damages they have caused to the planet in 2007, where is the attorney general action against those crooks ?

Anyhow, after 2007, they have proved to be useless to anything other than for connivance with their accomplices banksters frauds and predatory speculations, with the ultimate purpose of subversion of governments with their ‘plausible denial’ weapon of mass fraud, ‘conflict of interest’ ratings ‘corrupted’ by their sponsors ‘agenda,’ NWO again.

If somebody should be penalized realistically for the economic disaster caused in Europe, are the opponents of QE on the Euro, reasonably nobody ‘rational’ in the planet would have expected Europe to shoot itself in the feet, with three MG42 at the same time, but I guess they are still at Emperor Franz Joseph logic, bucolic, but suicidal, that’s how in two wars they (we for one,) lost two empires, hallelujah.

OTOH, asides from France that still has competitive tax rates, in the PIIGS zone, where Christian mafia cabals with christo-criminal affiliations, squeeze taxpayers blood for filling their godly pockets, and doing ‘nothing’ for their countries in the process, just to perpetuate the middle age taleban cato-marxist class tyranny for golden pensions, golden parachutes, and golden bribes and tax evasion, the story is different, the PIIGS would require an entire replacement of their political castes of leaches legalized thieves, the only thing that can save the PIIGS, would be closing their useless public sectors and useless governments, and start over, christian-mafia run countries can not function as democracies, because at the end, regardless of the many parties, there is only one party there, the christian-mafia racket party.


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